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Thursday, 4 January 2018
also i have a YouTube page, it has a copy of all my latest tracks,5000+ and if you keep going back, pretty much every track I've posted, just go to liked video's, and hit play all, and you won't have to keep pressing play, but unfortunately you wont get to read, what i write, but you will get access to a constant stream of tracks, for over a years solid play time, but you know, ya can't have it all looolz ;)

Anton Jay, Discoplace - Popitronic (Original Mix)

well peep's, i'm going to take a little break, but don't worry, i'll be back with more, "Popitronic", beat's to pump up the jam as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Alex Krell - Hypnopace (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, the universe is full, "Hypnopace", (of life), it's teaming with it, do not blindly believe, when they say we are alone, we have never been alone, at all as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

JXTPS - X (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, they even try to mutate the, "X", gene in human beings, to see what effects it has as, standardz, hahaha :( #edio

Oliver Deutschmann - Nightshifted (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, when they see a, "Nightshifted", patch of shadow *around a star,* it's not stellar dust, it's them, more precisely their shadow, from the light source behind them, T S, even an object travelling at light speed, can still cast a shadow forwards, the Saints are coming home as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Hush & Sleep - Blind Focus (Original Mix) [Suara]

we can only hope, they snap out of their, "Blind Focus", before the tipping point, is reached and breached, for they are coming as, standardz, hahahahahaha, ;) #edio

Gotshell - Refluxed (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, while ever we play their game, we are in fact helping to add, to the cycle of violence, so that it is, "Refluxed", (boil or cause something to boil, in circumstances such as that the vapor, returns to the stock of liquid after condensing), for them to reintroduce it, back into to the cycle, creating a self perpetuating loop of negativity as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :( #edio

Yan Cook - Nix (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, they care for you and yours, not one bit and would do, "Nix", (nothing), to save you, unless it benefits them to do so, like gaining public support for their goals, and long term objectives, like causing lots of fires, so that we have to claim on insurance, boosting the economy, while also getting to test out their d.e.w's, (directed energy weapons), or faking attacks, so they can strip away you rights and freedoms, while pretending its for your own greater good, they like to cause problems, so they can say, look we have this system, that would be perfect for solving this situation, and stupidly enough some will fall for it, its called a problem reaction solution, its a form of a mass mind control system. It is used to make changes to the law, that the citizens would not accept otherwise, Create a problem Terrorism, financial crisis, etc. Manufacture a reaction Let the mainstream media only broadcast/print the side of the problem you want to show Provide a solution wars, corporate tax-cuts, welfare budget cuts, etc. The latin phrase Ordo ab Chao is a Latin expression, meaning Order out of Chaos. A motto of the Thirty-third Degree Freemason, and having the same allusion as lux e tenebris, which see in this work. The invention of this motto is to be attributed to the Supreme Council of the Ancient and accepted Scottish Rite at Charleston, and it is first met with in the Patent of Count de Grasse, dated February 1, 1802. When De Grasse afterward carried the Rite over to France and established a Supreme Council there, he changed the motto, and, according to Lenning, Ordo ab hoc, Order out of This, was used by him and his Council in all their documents, there are many more events of this nature such as, For example, the leadership of Country A wants the natural resources of Country B. But the leadership of Country A realizes that their citizens will oppose an unjust war. So the leadership of Country A creates a problem by staging a terrorist attack against its civilian population. Through the media, the leadership of Country A makes it abundantly clear that Country B is responsible. The people of Country A are traumatized and demand justice. So the leadership of Country A reluctantly (seemingly) complies, and offers the solution by launching a war against Country B. This formula is ancient. Some historical examples follow. The Great Fire of Rome On the night of July 19 in the year 64AD a fire broke out in Rome, which burned for a total of nine days and destroyed about two-thirds of the city. Although fires were common in Rome, it is now believed by many that this was deliberately started by a Roman Emperor named Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, also known as Nero. At an earlier date, Nero had petitioned the Senate with a plan to demolish one-third of Rome in order to build a series of villas and a lake, which he referred to as Neropolis. The Senate, however, refused his request. Shortly thereafter, a fire spread across large sections of the city. Groups of citizens, apparently at the direction of Nero, prevented anyone from putting the fire out, by threatening them with torture. Because the people held Nero responsible, he shifted the blame to groups of Christians, which he habitually tortured and fed to lions. Although Christians did eventually confess to the crime, it is generally known that he created the crisis as an excuse to build his Neropolis. Hitler’s Reichstag The Reichstag was Germany’s version of congress or parliament. On the night of February 27, 1933 the Reichstag building in Berlin Germany was set on fire. Although the fire was blamed on Marinus van der Lubbe, it was later learned that it was set with the cooperation of the German government. One month later on March 23, The Enabling Act, also known as the Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Nation, was passed by the Reichstag. This was basically Germany’s version of the USA Patriot Act which suspended most civil liberties outlined in the German Constitution as well as habeas corpus. It eliminated the Reichstag’s participation in the creation of laws and allowed the Nazis to create a legal dictatorship. Operation Northwoods was a 1962 plan by the US DOD to stage acts of simulated or real terrorism in the US and blame it on the Cuban Government in order to generate US public support for an invasion of Cuba. The plan included state-sponsored acts of terrorism having real casualties. In the early 1960s,” announced ABC News in May of 2001, “America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in US cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. The plan included sinking boats of Cuban refuges, hijacking planes, blowing up a US ship, and committing acts of terrorism in Washington D.C., Miami, and other major US cities. It was developed as a way to trick the American people and international community into supporting the war. According to ABC News, it received approval from every single one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff before making it to President Kennedy. The proposal was given to Kennedy by the leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Lyman L. Lemnitzer of the Council on Foreign Relations. General Lemnitzer ordered all documents pertaining to Northwoods destroyed, but somehow these remained. The plan was mistakenly discovered and made public on November 18, 1997 by the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Review Board, which was overseeing the release of government records related to John F. Kennedy’s assassination. General Lemnitzer was denied another term by Kennedy. However, in 1963 the UN made him a Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, which is one of the two highest-ranking positions in the multinational military alliance. Free Speech Zones Individuals and groups portraying themselves as protesters may be used by the security forces to create turmoil in order to justify a drastic change (solution). In the case of a group, this can occur without the knowledge of most of its members. Only the leadership of the group needs to be aware of its true purpose. This appears to have happened during the 1999 WTO meeting in Seattle. The World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference of 1999 (also called the Battle of Seattle), which occurred from November 30 to December 4 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington, was the largest anti-globalization protest in US history, with at least 40,000 protesters. A protest group known as the black bloc is a collection of affinity groups that assemble during anti-globalization and anti-corporate protests. They wear black clothing and masks to conceal their identities. They routinely vandalize property, assault police, riot, and instigate fights. The chaos demonstrated by the black bloc which caused riots during the event was one of the main reasons for the implementation of free speech zones. Free speech zones are areas (sometimes cages or concrete walls) set aside in public places for protesters to exercise their free speech. The supposed purpose of the zones is to protect the safety of those attending the political gathering, as well as the protesters themselves. It was reported by multiple media outlets, such as the BBC, Associated Press, and PBS, that during the event most protesters were peaceful. It was only a tiny fringe group of anarchists (the black bloc) that caused chaos. On one day of the protest, the black bloc showed up and moved through the peaceful crowd, vandalizing local businesses, lighting fires, smashing windows, and spray painting negative slogans. The group had a considerable amount of time to wreak its havoc. The reason for this, it was reported, was that the police were unable to stop them because the crowd was too thick, or they were caught off guard. After a significant amount of vandalism occurred the police joined with the National Guard and Washington State Troopers and began to control the crowd. As reported in the BBC, one protester was baffled by the behavior of the police, who forced peaceful protesters back while they allowed the black bloc to commit vandalism directly in their view. The immediate result was a decision by the mayor of Seattle to introduce a ban on protesting for 25 blocks around the convention center where the meetings were taking place. In October of 2001 it was reported by the Associated Press that a federal court upheld the mayor’s decision, citing, “Free speech must sometimes bend to public safety.” According to Paul Joseph Watson of the independent media outlet Prison Planet, the black bloc is a group of provocateurs run from the top by the security forces. It is used during major protests to cause riots and foster public hatred of peaceful protesters. Watson says that during the WTO protest in Seattle, the police allowed the black bloc to cause chaos as an excuse to target legitimate protesters. The black bloc seems to have a convenient habit of evading police as it moves through crowds of peaceful protesters damaging property in its path. Unfortunately, legitimate protesters receive the backlash. This group has been used to justify the attack of protesters in other countries as well. During the 2001 G8 Summit the Italian police planted small bombs in a facility used by anti-globalization protesters in order to frame them, according to the UK Guardian. It was done to portray the peaceful protesters as members of the black bloc, thereby allowing the police to conduct a raid where they beat people with batons, injuring dozens. Agents provocateurs, in general, have been used by the security forces to disrupt groups of people protesting this global revolution. For instance, in August of 2007 it was reported in the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail that video footage and photographs proved that Canadian police used them to instigate violence during anti-globalization protests which took place at the North American Leader’s Summit in Quebec Canada. Since the WTO meeting in 1999, the National Lawyers Guild has noticed significant nationwide changes in the state’s handling of major protests that consist of: content-based permit procedures and harsh liability insurance requirements; checkpoints to search demonstrator’s bags without probable cause; unjustified use of nonlethal weapons; misdemeanor charges and detention without access to counsel; unjust arrests; high bails up to $1 million; and free speech zones. Although these zones have been used sparingly since the 1960s, around the year 2000 their use expanded greatly. They are now regularly used during anti-globalization protests and national conventions to censor people by putting them out of sight of the mass media and the visiting dignitaries. The chaos that occurred during the 1999 WTO meeting in Seattle was the primary impetus for the use of these zones all across the nation, as well as the UK and Canada. Russian Apartment Bombings In the beginning of September 1999 a series of apartment bombings occurred in Russia which lasted for about two weeks and killed nearly 300 people. According to the official story told by former Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Federal Security Service (FSB), the bombings were caused by Chechen terrorists. The suspicious events surrounding these bombings lead many researchers to conclude that they were false flag operations perpetrated by the FSB, the successor of the Committee for State Security (KGB), as an excuse to resume military activities in Chechnya and bring Vladimir Putin and the FSB to power During one attempted bombing, some residents noticed suspicious activity and phoned the local police who arrived to discover a military-grade explosive in the basement of the building. They setup roadblocks hoping to catch the people matching the description. Upon discovering this, the perpetrators used a public telephone to contact a source, apparently for instructions on how to avoid the roadblocks. When an operator traced the call, it led directly to the FSB in Moscow and when the people who made the call were arrested by the police, each produced documents showing they were FSB agents. The next day, the head of the FSB announced that the entire operation had been just a training drill. However, the police concluded that the live bomb they found was the exact type used in the other bombings, An investigation of the bombings, which resulted in a conviction of Chechens on charges of terrorism during a closed-door trial, was conducted by the FSB. But no Chechen claimed responsibility. A motion for another investigation was filed by at least one member of the Russian Parliament but was blocked by Putin. Not satisfied with the official report, some citizens formed a private committee to investigate the bombings. The committee was disbanded, however, after multiple deaths ensued. No more investigations took place. A former Russian military intelligence officer named Aleksey Galkin proclaimed that the apartment bombings were false flag operations, perpetrated by the FSB to facilitate the second Chechen War. A tycoon named Boris Berezovsky also suggested that the bombings allowed Putin to invade Chechnya and facilitated his rise to power. He is positive that the FSB was responsible. As reported by the BBC in March of 2002, a former FSB member and director of the Russian Conversion Explosives Center, Nikita Chekulin, agreed with Berezovsky, and mentioned that his sources revealed that before the bombings the security forces purchased large amounts of the explosive Hexogen, which was found at one of the sites. Another former FSB officer named Alexander Litvinenko also concluded that the apartment bombings were organized by the FSB. Litvinenko, who authored a book which contained information describing them as false flag operations, would eventually die of radiation sickness. Putin, the former head of the FSB, was the Prime Minister before the bombings. After blaming the attacks on Chechen rebels which caused public outrage, he was able to launch a military invasion of Chechnya, clearly positioning himself as a savior who would neutralize the Chechen rebels and restore order. It also allowed him to win the presidential election in 2000. Other Incidents which are believed to have been PRS false flag operations include: The sinking of the USS Maine in 1898 as a pretext for the Spanish-American war. The explosion of Japanese railway cars in 1931, which was done by Japanese officers as an excuse to seize Manchuria which was occupied by the Chinese. During the Gleivitz incident in 1939, German leadership fabricated evidence that they were under attack by Poland as an excuse to invade the country. On November 26, 1939 the Soviet Union fired artillery into their village of Mainila, near the Finnish border, to use the attack as an excuse to attack Finland four days later. In 1954 Israel bombed US and UK interests in Cairo and blamed it on Egypt to provoke a war between the West and Egypt. This eventually came to be known as the Lavon Affair. Israel took responsibility for it in 2005. The attack of two US war ships by North Vietnamese vessels (Gulf of Tonkin Incident) may have been staged in order to involve the US in the Vietnam War. Questionable Events Oklahoma City The Oklahoma City Bombing which occurred at 9:03 AM on April 19 consisted of the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, which killed 168 people. At first the damage was attributed to a single ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO) bomb weighing 1,200 lbs placed inside the building. It was immediately described as a domestic terrorist act committed by extremists. Several mainstream news sources which received their information from federal, state, and local officials who were on the scene, described that two additional high-tech, unexploded bombs were found in the building. They included news outlets, such as KWTV-9, KFOR TV-5, and Channel 4 News. These reports were consistent with a Department of Defense Atlantic Command memo, a FEMA Situational Report (SitRep), a US Forces Command log, and an Oklahoma Highway Patrol radio log. Then, the original story began to change considerably. The FBI increased the size of the bomb to 4,000 lbs. And within 24 hours the story changed again. Federal officials said that the explosion had not occurred inside the building but originated from a car parked in front of it which contained the ANFO bomb. Then the car was changed to a truck and the size of the bomb was eventually increased to 4,800 lbs. An independent investigation was made difficult because the debris was immediately hauled away and covered in a landfill guarded by wackenhut guards. Multiple independent engineers, explosives experts, and military analysts conducted their own studies, however, and with the available evidence concluded that the government’s story of a single ANFO bomb was “technically impossible.” One included former head of the Los Angeles office of the FBI, Ted L. Gunderson, who claims that the damaged done to the Murrah Federal Building was definitely not the result on an ANFO bomb, but a very high-tech military bomb, built by those who had access to classified information. General Benton K. Partin has a lifetime of explosives experience. He personally delivered a letter entitled, Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, to 56 members of congress, in which he stated that reports by the media and federal government that the source of the damage to the building was a single ANFO bomb weighing 4,800 lbs parked outside the building were, “impossible.” General Partin described that explosives had to have been placed inside the building at the supporting columns, and expressed how unfortunate it was that the evidence had been hauled away and covered in a landfill. He urged congress not to rush into passing any antiterror legislation. Sam Gronning, a licensed professional blaster with over 30 years of experience, agreed with General Partin. According to him, no ANFO bomb placed outside the building could have caused that damage. He has never seen anything to support the official story in his entire career. Professor of physics at the University of Oregon, Dr. Frederick Hansen, has a career which includes professorships in engineering, aeronautics, and chemistry. He similarly agreed with General Partin’s conclusion. Only bombs placed inside the building at certain columns could have caused it. Dr. Ernest B. Paxson, a US Army explosives engineer with decades of civilian defense-related projects, revealed that only bombs placed on each of the failed columns inside the building could have caused that type of damage. An ANFO bomb placed outside the building might have created a hole in the wall but would not have damaged the support columns. Samuel Cohen, a physicist and creator of the neutron bomb, is also an expert on explosives. In a letter sent to Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, he wrote that it would have been, “absolutely impossible and against the laws of nature,” for a truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil, no matter how much was used, to bring the Murrah building down. Cohen expressed that it could only have occurred with high-tech explosives placed strategically within the building at the failed columns. Also worth mentioning is that multiple employees of the courthouse next to the Murrah building reported that a bomb squad van was in the vicinity as early as 7:30 AM. The occupants of the van, according to witnesses, were wearing dark shirts with white-silver lettering, which read, Bomb Squad. Also, some witnesses reported hearing at least two explosions. During the investigation, the FBI refused to interview these types of witnesses. The Oklahoma Daily Gazette obtained hotel receipts which confirmed that Danny Coulson, the head of the FBI Anti-Terrorism Task Force, checked in to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Oklahoma City at 12:20 AM on the morning of the bombing. What was the FBI doing there nine hours before the blast? This tragedy triggered a public outrage and the Omnibus Counter-Terrorism Bill of 1995 (S. 390/H.R. 896) was the solution. In May of 1995 The Spotlight reported that the leadership of both political parties may have exploited the outrage of the public by considering legislation that threatened the constitutional rights of Americans. The bill received much support in Congress and was passed in the Senate with 98 votes and 293 in the House. On April 24, 1996 it became law under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (AEDPA), which was singed by President Clinton. Such domestic antiterrorist bills that were stalled in Congress before the bombing were quickly passed shortly afterward, observed WorldNetDaily. September 11 Because the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are closely connected to the new war, a few inconsistencies in the official story must be covered. To properly explain the events surrounding 9/11 in a comprehensive manner would require more information than will be presented here. For this reason I’ll only mention the following facts In addition to the Twin Towers collapsing on 9/11, World Trade Center Building 7 also collapsed. Building 7 was a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper located one block from the twin towers. It was not hit by a plane but collapsed suddenly at 5:20 that evening, imploding in the exact same manner as a professionally engineered demolition.1 It fell symmetrically at near-freefall speed and landed in a compact pile of rubble, barely damaging the surrounding buildings. These types of collapses are only consistent with controlled demolition. There was no mention of the WTC Building 7 collapse in the 9/11 Commission Report. Fire has never before in history caused any steel-frame building to collapse. The sudden vertical, explosive, and total collapse of the Twin Towers at near-freefall speed can only be rationally explained by controlled demolition. The WTC steel would have revealed much about how the towers collapsed. Unfortunately, it was immediately removed and shipped overseas, which is a violation of federal crime scene laws. Whenever contact is lost with any airplane over US airspace, NORAD fighter jets are launched to investigate, usually in under 20 minutes. However, on 9/11 nearly two hours passed with no interceptions. Massive put option bets were made by unidentified insiders just prior to 9/11 on stocks from American Airlines and other corporations impacted by the attack. Whoever they were made millions. According to the BBC and the Guardian some of the alleged hijackers were still alive after the attack. The Bush Administration delayed the creation of a 9/11 Commission for over a year. It only occurred after a group of people who had lost relatives in the tragedy forced it into existence. Similar investigations, such as those for Pearl Harbor, space shuttle disasters, and the JFK assassination, all started in about a week. These are not conspiracy theories. They are facts which should be investigated. There are many, many other facts and inconsistencies regarding the official story that scholars, architects and engineers, media professionals, firefighters, lawyers, scientists, and others are now questioning. Remember, 9/11 is the basis for the entire Global War on Terror. On September 14, 2001 former Senator Gary Hart announced at a televised meeting in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations that the president could use the 9/11 tragedy to carry out the New World Order. In an interview with the New York Times on October 12, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld mentioned that 9/11 offered an opportunity, similar to what WWII offered, to change much of the world. Likewise, the National Security Strategy of the United States of America, issued by the Bush administration in September of 2002, announced that the 9/11 event opened up vast new opportunities. The USA Patriot Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001, less than two months after the attack. As we’ll see shortly, this act focuses on US citizens and has allowed the military to target legitimate dissent. Concealment for False Flag Operations Drills and sting operations may be run by the security forces in conjunction with state-sponsored terrorism as a cover in case they get caught, or to create confusion. If their connections to these terrorist attacks are discovered, they can always claim they were incompetent during a drill or sting operation gone badly. Remember how the real bomb found during the Russian Apartment Bombings was dismissed as being part of a drill? Also, during both the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995, the FBI and BATF were working with the alleged terrorists under a sting operation. The most sensible conclusion anyone came to after examining evidence like this, explained WorldNetDaily in December of 1999, is that the Oklahoma City bombing was a sting operation that went wrong. But, incredibly, the same conclusion can be drawn about the [first] World Trade Center bombing. The funding and/or planning for both the first WTC bombing in 1993 and Oklahoma City led right back to federal law enforcement such as the FBI and BATF. The FBI used an informant named Emad A. Salem to infiltrate an Arab group in New York to coax them into bombing the WTC back in 1993. When the group asked him to create a bomb, he requested a harmless device from the FBI, but instead was given materials to build a live bomb. To make a long, complicated story short and simple, commented WorldNetDaily, “The FBI spent $3 million of your tax money to blow up the World Trade Center. The story’s essentially the same at Waco, Ruby Ridge and other government-made disasters.” In what The Boston Globe describes as a bizarre coincidence US intelligence agencies planned a drill on September 11, 2001, which consisted of an aircraft flying into a building. Adding to the coincidence, the drill was scheduled to occur less than an hour after flight 77 (which was hijacked) left Dulles International Airport. This confusion caused NORAD, which is charged with protecting the airspace, to stand-down for the first time in its 50-year history, coincidence i think not as, standardz, hahahaha :( #edio

Robert S (PT) - Europa (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, there can be peace globally, not just in, "Europa", (Europe, a continent in the northern hemisphere, separated from Africa on the south by the Mediterranean Sea and from Asia on the east roughly by the Bosporus, the Caucasus Mountains, and the Ural Mountains. Europe contains approximately 10 percent of the world's population. It consists of the western part of the landmass of which Asia forms the eastern (and greater) part and includes the British Isles, Iceland, and most of the Mediterranean islands), we can all live in peace, and if it was not for the military industrial complex and shady government agencies, churning out weapons by the millions, and selling them to everyone, on all sides, we would already have it, but they don't care about the politics of it, or even the human cost, their sole motivation is greed as, standardz, hahahaha :( #edio

Andre Kronert - As You Are (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, removal of all those thing's, would make no difference to your life, other than you may get to live it longer and, "As You Are", intent on making more weapons systems, why not just target, other weapons, no one really want's to kill, it is not in human nature, it is only learned from the social systems of control, that are in place to keep us separated, and fractured as a species, like marketing violent games to children, so it desensitizes them, to the sight of dead peep's, when if they had never seen it before, and then were they to be, suddenly confronted with the sight, they would and quite rightly as they should be, horrified at the sight, yet most children, when they kill in game, are elated, but only because they are conditioned to do so, by the game, they reward them for killing, thereby socially conditioning them, to a predisposition of violence as, standardz, hahaha :( #edio

Opuswerk - IUW (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, i am a genius i find patterns and hole where none should be, and "IUW", (if you want), me to give you these advanced concepts, and idea's, they will come, with a very high price, and No!, it's not money either, i will only give them, if their target acquisition, is set to military infrastructure, and weapons systems only, while leaving the human occupants and civilians, alive and unharmed, and i have a few more, reasonable prerequisites before i would even part, with a single one, namely the disarmament of all the worlds nuclear stockpiles, and  removal of space based weapons platforms as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Schach Matt - Lumia (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, they have quite a few design flaws, (not like mine lol), they are not very good at target acquisition in, "lumia", (snow, derived from the partitive plural form of the Finnish word lumi, meaning snow), and are very unstable in those types of environments, like any bipedal system including humans as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Michal Jablonski - MG Rex (Original Mix) [Suara]

did you know, they have semi autonomous battle systems like, "MG Rex", (metal gear rex a Metal Gear prototype,a bipedal tank, that was jointly developed by DARPA, ArmsTech, and Livermore National Labs for the United States Army in the early 2000s), they have drone fleets that use s.w.r.m logic, which if i say so myself, is quite foolish, they have a very big weakness, that can be exploited, if you know how as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Flug - Ego Games (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, all these, "Ego Games", must stop, to ensure the continued survival of the human species, we must not use weapons of any kind, and most definitely not w.m.d's, the only implement of war i can endorse, is a u.v.l.f shield bubble as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Joel Alter - Cold War (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, that the, "Cold War", never really ended, they just took their work underground, literally in places such as,

1. Fort Huachuca. 31°50′ N 1100 19’48” W, saucer base below, intelligence training above, mind-control incl. too.

2. Gates Pass Base

3. Gila Mountain Area, south of Interstate 8 and approx. 30 east of Yuma, AZ. 290 N 116ºW. DUM base.

4. Grand Wash Cliffs, on western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash. Must be reached via hwy 93 and then unpaved roads. DUM base.

5. Green Valley

6. Hualapai Mountains, east side of the mountain range, about 35 mi. SE of Kingman, AZ

7. Rincon Mtn., north side of Rincon Mtn

8. Mt. Lemmon

9. Page

10. Safford, near Safford

11. Santa Catalina Mountains – base


12. In the vicinity of Hardy and Cherokee Village. 360 19′ N 9°29’W W. Installation purpose not known.

13. Pine Bluff, Ark. area. 34° 13.4′ N 92º01.0’W to 34º30′ N 92° 30’W. saucer base.


14. 29 Palms Marine Base, Identified on military map as airspace area R-2501 N. Saucer base southeast of Ludlow. This is a U.S. alien research/ diagnostic facility and UFO base.

15. China Lake, mind control and weapons research

16. Darwin, CA, 4 miles dues west of Darwin

17. Deep Springs, CA, 37°22′ N 117º 59.3′ W. saucer base

18. Fort Irwin, CA, 35°20’N 116°8’W W. saucer base

19. Edwards Air Force Base, in the area where Diamond Cr. & the so. fork of the Yuba meet, there are 3 underground UFO bases. 34°8′ N 117° 48′ W

20. George Air Force Base, CA – saucer base

21. Helendale, Lockhead Underground Facility, 34º44.7′ N 1170 18.5′ W. Technology for secret projects. There are 3 saucer bases here.

22. Los Angeles, On Hwy 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. after Palmdale, one turns off and after taking several streets to 170th street, north on 170th St. to the Rosamond-1 70th intersection, the second and lower and better maintained dirt road will take you west, and if you take a right going north at the power lines and up to the hilltop you will see the top of an underground NORTHOP facility; Technology for the elite’s secret projects. This area was very active in the 1970s. Northrop’s facility is near the Tehachapi Mtns. It has been reported to go down 42 levels. It is heavily involved with electronics and hi-tech aerospace research.

23. Mt. Shasta24. Kern River, CA the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield- reported saucer base

25. Napa Valley- located at Oakville Grade north of Napa, CA. Tunnels also connect the wineries north of Napa, used for white slavery and mind-control. Has a saucer base.

26. Norton Air Force Base- saucer base

27. Quincy, CA, 39° 56.2′ N 120° 56.5′ W. saucer base

28. Near Palmdale (if one takes Palmdale Blvd. til 240th St. and goes to Ave R-8. One the eastern limit of Ave. R-8 is McDonnell-Douglas’s facility called the Uano Facility. One can see it better from the Three Sisters Hills to the south of the facility. Strange shaped disks raise out of the ground on pylons. These attached disks glow and change color. It is involved in hi-tech aerospace technology.

29. Presidio, CA – A FEMA/DOD site for Region IX’s regional office

30. San Bernardino, CO, 34º 50′ N to 34° 16′ N

31. Santa Barbara County – placed in the thick diatomite strata

32. Santa Rosa, 38º 26.4′ N 122º 42.9′ W, FEMA, Regional center for west coast, what FEMA is doing is mostly kept secret. This is listed as a Communications Antenna Field, but is doing much more.

33. Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA – very deep military base

34. Tehachapi Ranch- 4 saucer bases, Tecachapi Canyon has a new underground base which was finished in Sept. ’95. This is the “Unholy 6” base of the Orions. 35° 20′ 118° 40′

35. Trona, CA, 35° 45.5′ N 1 77º22.6′ W –several miles northwest of Trona, directly under Argus Peak. This DUM sits on China Lake’s NWC’s land, and may have been built in the ’60s.


36. Alamosa, 37° 28.1′ N 105°52.2’W W- reported saucer base

37. Book Cliffs, CO, 39° 40′ N 108º 0′ W near Rifle, CO

38. Boulder, CO–The headquarters for EMC, a type of electra-magnetic mind control that is being broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves.

39. Colorado Springs, NORAD –Canada & U.S., & FEMA, hundreds of people on staff, contains at least 4.5 cubic miles of underground caverns and forty five underground steel buildings. Many underground chambers are as large as 50, x 100 ‘. This complex tracks thousands of satellites, missiles, submarines, and UFOs. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who have ALEX, JANUS, ALEXUS endtime callback programming. NORAD installation has 1278 miles of road underground.

40. Fort Collins- base for Gray aliens

41. Grand Mesa- Orion saucer base

42. Montrore Co.–north of Paradox, in Paradox Valley. The site in Paradox Valley can be reached via Hwy. 90 via Nucla. Page 304 …


43. North west Connecticut


44. Massive base- reported saucer base

45. Eglin AFB, 30º 40′ N 86° 50′ W- Orion saucer base since 1978


46. Atlanta, GA –FEMA regional center, which is appropriately placed since Atlanta is to become a capital within the NWO redrawing of boundaries. Atlanta is believed to have several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.

47. Thomasville, 30° 50.2′ N 83°58.9′ W, FEMA, regional center, they train groups in Search and Destroy missions for when Martial Law is imposed. This is SW Georgia in area of tunnels.


48. Lower Goose Lake area in the general area of Oakley, ID.–Wackenhut of the Illuminati run a “model prison” for the NWO. The worst of the federal prisoners are placed in this underground prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled with about 2,700 federal inmates. A track runs through the middle of the eerie underground facility. Food and showers are on the tracks, and the men are allowed showers once a week. The minimum of lighting is used and the men are beaten senseless if they talk at all. It sits 500’underground.

49. South central Idaho–under the Snake River lava flows between Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.


50. Bedford & Lawrence Co. area–continued activity in large old mines indicates a possible government use of the large old quarries.


51. Atchison, KS–the DIPEF underground facility, which the govt. would run in an emergency. AT & T maintains an underground facility at Fairview, KS.

52. Kinsley–an underground UFO base


53. Camp David–just north of the camp is an underground facility important to the intelligence agencies.

54. below Ft. Meade, of the National Security Agency, 10 acres of the most sophisticated supercomputers that can be built, very large complex, massive surveillance of all the world’s communications, including all transmissions in the U.S. & world of telephones, telegraph, telex, fax, radio, TV and microwave transmissions.

55. Olney, actually the facility is between Olney and Laytonsville, on Riggs Rd. off of Rt. 108. Another underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown.

56. Suitland, MD- Classified archives of U.S. Govt. stored here in underground levels. Vaults have extensive amounts of documents which are not indexed. Restricted access with a coded security card. High level intelligence groups operate in the area also.


57. Maynard, 42° 26.0′ N 71° 27.0′ W FEMA, regional center, Wackenhut is here too.


58. Battle Creek, 42° 19.3′ N 85° 10.9′ W FEMA, regional center, activity secret (not validated)

59. Gwinn, Ml, 46° 16.8’N 87° 26.5′ W, near Gwinn is a large underground base which is a key base for sending signals. An AFB is also nearby. Under Lake Superior is an alien base with roads 5,000′ deep.


60. 12 miles south of Lebanon, 36° 02.8′ N 115° 24.3′ W, near the newly created town of Twin Bridges-reported saucer base

61. In the Bat/Dry/Dead Man/ Howell cluster of caves- reported saucer base

62. St. Francis Mountains, MO (between St. Louis & New Madrid)


63. North-central Nebraska

64. Red Willow Co. near McCook, NE


65. Blue Diamond, 36° 02.8’N 115°24.3 W -reported saucer base

66-68. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip. 1150 50’N 37°20W. Run by the NWO along with demonic beings, the CIA is there and Wackenhut Security. Two large underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range and Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases. Purpose is the testing of various UFOs and other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Stealth. Also biological work is done, including the biological raising of small greys. Many levels have been built t these three complexes, and a 7 mile long run way (which is actually 39 miles) Page 305 … has been built over Groom Lake, a dry lake. There is an S-2, an S-4, an S-6, and an S-66 underground installations. S-66 is the most secret and it has 29 levels and is 11, 300′ deep.

69. Quartzite Mountain SE of Tonopah, 37° 31 ‘N 116° 20’ W- reported saucer base

70. Tonopah, Airforce, CIA? & ??, deals with secret aircraft


71-73. There may be as many as three underground installations in New Hampshire’s hills (according to reports).


74. Picatinny Arsenal, 4o° 38’N 74° 32′ W- saucer base, 1/4 cubic mile large & very deep underground.


The state of New Mexico and Colorado have been used for the construction of a series of underground bases. (All the rest of the states have too.) The Primary Underground facilities in New Mexico consist of: 3 enormous underground bases in

The Dulce, NM area (an area I spent several days investigating in 1993).

The White Sands–Alamogordo Area which has 3 underground bases. Datil and Pie Town which have two more underground bases. (Carlsbad Cavern which had underground activity, which is reported discontinued, and another base to east of Carlsbad.).

The Los Alamos area underground facility . the Taos area underground facility

The New Mexico area has basically four underground system out.

One goes to the Four Corners area and then to Groom Lake (Area 51).

One goes north toward Delta, CO and Colorado Springs.

The Taos facilities goes north approximately along Interstate 25 and eventually ties in NORAD.

The southern bases connect to Texas and Mexico.

The Los Alamos facility dates at least back to 1940. One can only imagine what has been built with 1/2 century of labor on this underground system. Visitors to the deeper levels report humans kept in glass cylinders, plus many other strange things. I have had the opportunity to debrief some people who have been in the lower reaches of some of these facilities. There are special badges, special uniforms, tube elevators etc. which for lack of time I will not describe. .

75. Angel Peak- reported saucer base . Carlsbad Cavern area (now destroyed), 32° 25.0’N 1040 14.0W -old relics of saucer base left .

76-78. Dulce, N.M., 36º 56.0’N 106°59.8’W,–South of Dulce, in the area of the Jicarilla Indian Reservation, another facility is east of the Dulce facility a number of miles. This is run directly by Illuminati w/ Army and Airforce help, CIA also conduct experiments at the center; the size of the installation is huge requiring small shuttle trains and has seven levels according to witnesses. Serves as a UFO base, biological experiments, production center for small-grey drones. Wackenhut provides some of the security on the ground.

79. Kirtland AFB, NM, Sandia National Lab

80. Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known as the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, Air force, 3,000-acre base within the Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethal rings of fences, use unknown, suspected UFO base. A new 285,000-sq. ft. bunker is being built near Manzano Base.

81. Pie Town, 34° 17.9’N 1 108°08.7’W, in area near Pie Town, UFO Base.

82. Sandia Mountains NE of Albuquerque -reported saucer base

83. to the north of Taos Pueblo

84. White Sands, 32°22.8’N 106°28.8’W, major hub for research, tied in with Dulce & NORAD, HO for NASA /military shuttle flights, radiation research ctr. and mind control.


85. Adirondack Mountains (near Elizabethtown)

86. New York Metro area

87. Plattsburgh (near Canada and St. Albans) AFB, 49°40’N 73°33 W- two saucer bases in this area.


88. Ada, 34°46.4′ N 96°40.7W W, underground saucer base, this base does uman cloning, and it is FEMA’s most sensitive base.

89. Ashland Naval Ammunition Depot, 34°45.9’N 96° 04.3’W,- reported saucer base


90. Bull Run, north side of Bull Run Reservoir area near Mt. Hood, and very close to Larch Mtn. and south of Benson St. Park of the Columbia Gorge.

91. Coos Bay area has had three separate but coordinating underground facilities built for UFOs. The facility farthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. It is now an old abandoned facility well camouflaged. The coast facility is probably still operational.

92. Klamath Falls, OR–since Sept. ’95 this has been a base for a number of NWO groups including the Air National Guard, FEMA, CIA, FBI, Spetznaz, and Page 306 …

MOSAP training base. An underground concentration camp exists here.


93. Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. Ritchie, known as ‘Raven Rock” or “Site R”, Army, major electronic nerve center, 650 ft. below surface with about 350 staff and over a 716 acre area. possibly connected via tunnel to Camp David. The NOD installation is involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite control over slaves. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. The enormous complex radiates under Wash. D.C. and connects with many other sites. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings.


94. Ft. Hood, TX, 31° 15’N 97° 48′ W, home of some Delta Mind-Controlled soldiers and a reported saucer base.

95. Denton, TX, 33° 13.2’N 97° 08.2’W – FEMA, regional center, activity secret

96. Red River Arsenal, TX- reported saucer base


97. Bluemont, Mount Weather base, Federal Preparedness Agency & FEMA, small-city underground, top-secret, staff of several hundred, does secret work for FEMA and contains a complete secret government with the various agencies and cabinet-level ranking administrators that keep their positions for several administrations and help run the United States.

98. Culpepper, 380 28.5 N 77°59.8’W, about 2 miles east of Culpepper off of Rt. 3, called Mount Pony, Illuminati–Fed. reserve, 140,000 sq. ft.,

includes a facility for the storage for corpses, monitors all major financial transactions in the U.S. by means of the “Fed Wire”, a modern electronic system.

99. Pentagon, Arlington, VA-

100. Warrington Training Ctr. –two sites: one on Rt. 802 and the other on Bear Wallow Road, on Viewtree Mountain. One is Station A the other Station B. Army & ??, purpose unknown


101. Bothell, 47°45.7’N 122°12.2w W, FEMA, regional center, activity unknown

note is that this particular FEMA center was home to a Nike Missile Base during the Cold War.


102. WHITE HOUSE, 38°53.5’N 77°02.0’W–The secret NOD underground installation which is connected to the intelligence groups like NSA and the CIA as well as many other nefarious groups lays under the White House with tunnels connecting this NOD installation with the House of the Temple. The Supreme council of the 33° of the Scottish Rite’s House of the Temple has a 14′ x 25′ room in it with 13 chairs where the Illuminati’s Grand Druid Council meet. The NOD Deep Underground Installation has numerous levels to it. One eye- witness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist.


103. Sugar Grove, the Navy’s Strategic Intelligence Services microwave communications. There base here.

104. White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for 800 people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes other than listening to U.S. microwave communication it is unknown by this author.


In Utah, the Kennecott Copper Company has been connected to the Illuminati and the KKK. These connections have been exposed in other writings by this author. Kennecott’s mine (reported to be owned by the World Bank) in the Salt Lake City area is serviced by Union Pacific, which is reported connected to the Mormon Church. The mine is receiving a heavy volume of big trucks after 11 p.m., for instance, in a normal night over 6 dozen large trucks with 2 trailers each rolling into the mine. In other words, it appears that the heavy train & tractor trailer activity indicates something besides mining as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

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knock, knock,
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the video's are up!, 
when you get to the bottom hit older posts,
and incoming on,
also i have a YouTube page, it has a copy of all my latest tracks,5000+ and if you keep going back, pretty much every track I've posted, just go to liked video's, and hit play all, and you won't have to keep pressing play, but unfortunately you wont get to read, what i write, but you will get access to a constant stream of tracks, for over a years solid play time, but you know, ya can't have it all looolz ;)