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Saturday, 7 December 2019

A*S*Y*S - Techno Set 2019 [TG002]

The Tunnel — Charlotte de Witte (DJ-set)

Charlotte de Witte - Garden Of Madness | Tomorrowland Winter 2019

Awakenings ADE 2019 - Charlotte de Witte

CARL COX b2b ADAM BEYER at Junction 2

Carl Cox live at The Brooklyn Mirage, NYC

Return of the Jaded, Dead Space - Party Spice

well peep's and badr worx just as i promised  1 hour of pure "Party Spice", i hope you enjoyed it, i know i did, who knows maybe i will again, but saving the world is kinda my full time occupation at the minute having been utterly failed by everyone around me who should have been there for me so life restructuring is the main priority at the minute, and as soon as i figure it all out trust, i'll be back full time and ill even do the live streams that i was invited to do, because i know how you love me lol, i will leave a few sets from worthy dj at the end of this anyways this is edio signing off as standards i am out :) #peace

Discinesia - Alibi Primo [SWC015]

you know this is the, "Alibi  Primo" the 1st alibi (number 1) used by most politicians when asked if they had a long an economically viable plan for the continued growth and development of our country, or to quote or name any of the chapters and articles pertaining to human rights, i'll have to ask you to fill out this online form, because basically because they're all fucking clueless and have to get a minion to do it as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Discinesia - Alibi Terzo [SWC015]

you know, I've always found certain things work like, "Alibi terzo" (alibi 3), it was like that when i got here as, standardz, :) #edio

Atroxx & The Reactivitz - Purity

you know, i had to sort it out theres no mystery here and no x file but, "purity" control level 1 is in effect, as you were as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio