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Thursday, 26 October 2017

YINGYANG (UK), Ren Phillips - Pattern (Original Mix) [Five Finger Discount]

you knew, i had to give you, one more, right?, i'm pretty sure, you must have spotted the, "Pattern", (a recurring design), by now, and with that said, it's time for me to go, on my own solo journey, to the place, where the dreams are made, up and out, second star to the right, and straight on, 'till morning, and with that, I AM out as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio
end transmission :) peace

Supacooks - Reality (Rone White Remix) [Kitchen Recordings]

well peep's, it's just about that time, when i leave this cyber, "reality", according to google, it is the state or quality of having existence, or substance, or as i would say, it's a subjective virtual experience, individually tailored to the unconscious expectations, of the observer, and manifested in a physical form, that they, (the observer), may best experience them, and with that said, it's just about time, for me to go, on my own solo journey, so i hope you, enjoyed all the track's, as much as me as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Maksim Dark - Mental (Original Mix)

you know, it is entirely true, i know the concept is a little, "Mental", (of or relating to the mind), but there is as much possibility of them, reaching out to us, as us to them as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, ;) #edio

David Messeri - The Multiverse (Original Mix)

you know, there is every possible conceivable, chain of events happening, and every possible choice and action and reaction, is happening out in, "The Multiverse", (an infinite realm of being or potential being of which the universe is regarded as a part or instance), even ones where they, are trying to extend, their help to us as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Premiere: Sidney Charles - Gone

when they reminisce, about they years spent, toiling for a system, that in all fact hates them, and would like nothing more, than to take everything from them, and leave them, with nothing and nowhere to go, if they reuse to be, a good little slave to their system, you can't even plant crops, to feed you and the peep's, without agricultural permit's, peeps are starving, and they whine and moan about a piece of paper, (technically it's about them, not getting paid taxes, for you to do so), oh dear, just where has the time, "gone"?, nowhere t.b.f, we never really had it, in the first place as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Darius Syrossian - Revolution (Original Mix) [Wow! Recordings]

you know, i'm not trying, to cause a physical, "revolution", there is no need, if everyone's already on board, with a mental one as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Zacharias Tiempo - Knock (Petar Dundov Remix)

are you in there?, "knock", knock, wake up!, the matrix has you as, standardz, hahahaha, :) #edio

Jobe - Orcus (Original Mix)

it's time to begin the ascent, and step away, from the edge of this, "Orcus", (hell), on Earth, that they want, and rise up to the challenge, of new and loftier goals, for us all as, standardz, hahahahhahahahahaha, :) #edio

Steve Bug & Langenberg - Chord Cluster (Original Mix)

well peep's, as ever the fuckery was deep, and it was a long and tiring mission, and a half, to complete, but there's always time, for a little, "chord cluster", to relive the daily stress, by sliding back deep, in to the groove as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

DJ Josh Blackwell, Miss Babayaga DJ, Pavel Petrov - Don't Ya (Original M...

ammmmmmmmmm back, mo fo's, with a little pre-flight entertainment, so if you would like, to make your way, to the v.i.p lounge, while i go complete, the flight checks, and you know, i 'll always be here, to rock your world and bring you the groove, "don't ya", it's what we do as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio