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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Raul Robado - The Bedouin (Original Mix) [Eubea Music]

did you know, the most remarkable of discoveries, have been made accidentally, the randomness of the universe, has always delighted me, like a gift just like in the tales of old, as soon as the world had been made, one of the angels pointed out, to the Almighty, (a bit cheekily), that he had forgotten to put any sand on Earth, a grave omission, given that human beings, would be deprived forever, of being able to walk, along the seashore, massaging their weary feet, and being in direct contact, with the ground, (being closer to the universe, and thereby god). even Worse, river beds would always be rough and rocky, and architects would be unable, to make use of this indispensable material, and the footprints of lovers, would be invisible. Eager to remedy this oversight, God dispatched the Archangel Gabriel, with a huge bag of sand, (on it), so that he could spread it, wherever it was needed. Gabriel created the beaches and the riverbeds, then made his way, back to Heaven, carrying with him the surplus sand, but the Enemy – always watchful, (sneaky mo fo's), always keen to spoil the Almighty’s work – made a hole in the bag, which burst, spilling all its contents. This happened in a place now known as Arabia, and nearly the whole region, was transformed into a vast desert. Distraught, Gabriel went to ask the Lord’s forgiveness, for having allowed the Enemy, to creep up on him unawares. And God, in His infinite wisdom, decided to recompense the Arab people, for his messenger’s unwitting mistake. He created for them, a heaven full of stars, such as exists nowhere else in the world, so that they would always, be gazing skywards. He created the turban which, beneath the desert sun, is of far more value, than a crown. He created the tent, so that people, could move from place to place, and thus, always have new landscapes around them, without any of the irritating duties, involved in the upkeep of a palace. He taught the people to forge, the best steel for swords. He created the camel. He developed the finest breed of horses, And he gave them, something more precious, than all these things together, he gave them the word, the true gold of the Arabs. While other peoples, were shaping metals and gemstones, the Arab people, were learning to shape the word. There the poet became priest, judge, doctor and chief of, "the Bedouin". His verses have the power, to provoke joy, sadness, yearning. They can unleash, vengeance and war, bring together lovers, or reproduce the songs of the birds. remember even God’s mistakes, like those of great artists, or of true lovers, unleash so many happy compensations, that sometimes it is almost worth wishing, they would happen as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Peter Lavalle, Peter Blue - Ritorno (Original Mix)

little do they understand, that the, "Ritorno", (return), of the host, has been underway, for quite sometime, we cannot allow the process, of destruction to continue, we must fix it, before its too late, for all life as, standardz, hahahahahaha, ;) #edio

Geist - The Fallen (Jem Haynes Remix) [Tulipa Recordings]

you know, its all apart of a plan, the great subversion of the masses, by means of, "the fallen", technology, you think all these hurricanes and earthquakes, just popped up, out of nowhere, right after the eclipse?, they are trying to manipulate the peep's, into thinking the end of days has come, so they can step in, at the last minute, and save the day, (by removing their own forces), as long as we give in to all their demands, and give them our unquestioned loyalty and allegiance, have a guess, what they plan for those, who refuse, and there will be, thats why they want as many peeps as possible, to remain asleep to the truth, it's less of a fair fight, their cowards as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Eric Costa - One Point (Original mix) [Kaelum Records]

you know, if there is, "one point", i have repeatedly had to make, and made it i did, many times, at great length, was i told you, what the rm-25 was months ago, and repeatedly since, and the rest of the weather weapon systems, and what the effects would be, and the hows and the whys, but yet, no one listened?!?, would it make a difference, if i had a multiple p.h.d's and masters degree?, would it make my words, easier to believe?, it shouldn't, it doesn't to me, (i don't lol), but it doesn't make them, any-less true as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Jon Tsamis - Desert (Original Mix)

even if the situation, seems somewhat hopeless, it's not, there is always a way, like in the, "Desert", (a dry, barren area of land, especially one covered with sand, that is characteristically desolate, water-less, and without vegetation), you may think you  going to die of dehydration, without access to a tap, not true, there are ways of obtaining water from the air like a solar still, (assuming you have a bit of plastic sheeting), you dig a pit 4 ft deep, place a cup or a receptacle, for your liquids directly in the middle, of the hole, take said plastic sheet, spread it over the hole, weight the edges down with sand, so that no air can get in, take a rock, place it in the centre of the sheet, allow it to dip in the middle, to form a cone, with its tip directly over the cup, wait 3 hours, and you will have enough liquid, to quench your thirst, make 4 of those pits at once, and you've got a brew going, alternative if there is no plastic, dig down, 4 ft make a test pit, wait one hour, to see if the level of ground water, it's usually a good indication to use he natural landscape for plant life, and dig there as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Daniel Meister - Pursue (Original Mix)

you know, peace is something we all should, "pursue", even if the path is long and winding, and even if the light's, that light the way are blinding, the greatest journeys, all start with a single step as, standardz, hahahahahahaha., :) #edio

System2 - White Trash (Stefano Kosa Remix) [Form]

you know, i really don't like, any derogatory terms, for peep's like, "white trash", and you know, there are many such examples, but i feel wrong, just writing one, never mind a whole string, of racist, offensive, stereotypical slurs, and labels, just to make my point, that they are hate filed, and racist, and just wrong, on so many level's, you can't just stick up, for one group of people or another, your either a humanitarian, and defend all peep's, or your a hypocrite, you don't get to pick and choose, whom you defend, we defend all life as, standardz, hahahahaha, ;) #edio

Hicky & Kalo - Hymn To Nature (Day By Day Remix)

you see, i would have done it differently, you don't need weapons, if there is no enemy, i mean sure you could use, high frequency pulses, to mess with the weather, to destroy infrastructure, and their economy and demoralise the peep's, (the grey), or you could just sing a, "hymn to nature", and use what is already there as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Vale of Tears - Sequenze (Original Mix) [Funk'n Deep Records]

you know, that often enough the creators, of such monstrosities, are usually the first in the, "Sequenze", (Sequence), of events, to face their own karmic Justice, well they don't like, other nations to potentially get a hold of the designs, hence the reason, for all the s.d.i mysterious deaths as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tiger Stripes - Machines (Original Mix) [Truesoul]

did you know, darpa have created, "machines", capable of complete autonomy, capable of carrying out the mission specifics, in anyway it can, like a terminator, and this machine, is capable of creating energy for itself, via bio mass ingestion, (it eats things), it has various rotating arms, and spiked bits at the front to feed it, it pulls it in, chops it to pieces, mushes it all up, and add's it to a bio-fuel converter, and just so, we are being,100% crystal clear on this, you, me, cats, dogs, babies, plants, animals it's all bio mass, it makes no distinction, and doesnt care, it has no conscience, it cannot be bargained with, it feels no sorrow or guilt, and isn't capable of showing mercy, and these idiots, have also given it a complete array of miniaturised, mission specific little bot's, from drones, to resource gathering, to full on assassinations, it has one for every type of need, you know, if they keep designing machines, that are capable of super human feats, we are in effect, making humans obsolete, so lets hope it starts, with its creators first, so no more ass hatted ideas, get the green light as, standardz, hahahahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Apollo 84 - Flame (Dj Lion Remix) [Set About]

ammmmmmmmmm back mo fo's, for part 2, of our epic journey, into the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass, and it's time to reignite the, "flame", and hit the turbo's, and head directly, for the summit as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Yenk - Fashion (DJOKO Remix) [Chief Recordings]

you know, they want to get you, wanting the very latest things, like mindless hordes of zombie shoppers, chasing all the latest, "fashion", even though when they sell you it, it's pretty much obsolete, and within six months, it's the release of the all new improved, the greatest, the very next best thing, like when you order from online, it looks great, majestic like an eagle, but when it finally arrives, all you get, is a chicken wing as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio - Break (Original Mix) [Ride Music]

it's time to, "break", the ties that hold us now, they bind us tight, while pushing us down, they shove and push, and keep us in line, screaming close your mouth, or your doing time, with their boot heel, they try to keep us in check, but i'll tell you now, you better watch your neck, you can only push so far, before it blows, 'cos between i&i we've seen it, we know, so you better ease up, and take a chill, it's not my fault, if the truth is a bitter pill as, standardz, hahahahaha, ;) #edio

Gabriel Ananda - Schnee (Stefano Richetta Remix)

let's face it fb and other online sites, would try to take, a yellow, "Schnee", (snow), cone, and tell you, it was lemon flavoured, was an aid to slimming and healthy for you, and usually the price of these, cones are quite high, but lucky you, there was a shipping error in their favour, and now they have loads, so there passing on the saving, to you, (pmsl), buy now!!, while stocks last, all sales are final, handling and shipping is extra, plus taxes, (pmsl smh), and even after all that, they take your data, your account details and purchases, and credit card info, and sell it on, time to wake up, and see the real enemy, greed and corruption, oppression and human right violations, poverty and famine, disease and old age, these are the wars, that we should be fighting as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, ;) #edio

Breger - Flushing Meadows (Original Mix)

you know, when you post on fb, do you expect the whole world, to see it?, or at the very least, your friend list?, well unfortunately it doesnt work like, you may as well send it down the, "flushing meadows", (toilet), as they put a little bubble around you, as they decide what they think, its relevant to you, (thereby swaying public opinions), thats why you don't see, every single random picture and quote or meme, that your friends post, even if your following them, you have to specifically, open their page up and manually scroll down as, standardz, hahahahaha, ;) #edio

Steven Campodonico - Data Is Lost (Original Mix)

don't forget peep's, it's league day, so if you would like, some of that glory and fame, for your home town, or even country name, simply interact, with the posts preferably on, or (same site),  as when its through fb, "data is lost", as if by magic, so please use or  or secondary or my fb pages, (but subject to, fb fuckery :( ), and the post's on, and my personal page only go towards the total numbers, it does not give precise locations, unless you open the link below, the main post, and it will take you to the same posts, but through blogger, (, and may the odd's, be ever in your favour as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Luixar KL - We Like Nocilla (Artslaves Remix)

you know, "we like nocilla", (Vitalising, a hazelnut and chocolate spread similar to Nutella), on toast for breakfast to start with, followed by coffee and a B.B, (tiffin optional, but good), yes breakfast in bed every day, theres no better way, to start your day as, standardz, hahahahaha, ;) #edio

SAMA - Origin (Original Mix)

you could think of it, as a new chance to write, a different, "origin", story about how, when the world was on the brink of destruction, and tearing itself apart, a new hope arises, from out of the ashes and rubble, a more honourable and wiser group, with the vested interest, of all life on the planet at it's heart, always ready and willing, to extend a hand of friendship, to all those in need as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Luixar KL - Yes We Can (Original Mix)

you know, the difference between me, and certain war profiteering corrupted governments, when you say, can we can do it? can we change the world?, they say sure, but ultimately do nothing but make it worse, where as i, well i say, "yes we can", and the first step would be, to shut down, all arms and weapons manufacturing globally, apart from the u.p.d.f, (united. planetary. defence. force, note the word defence not offence), and begin immediate clean up, of the planets atmosphere and oceans , and the immediate formation and deployment, of global disaster relief teams, to start to help the peep's, of the world as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Aney F. - Get Down (Original Mix)

you know, sometimes all that is required, to find an answer is to look again, from a different perspective, like when you, "get down", to get up as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Hernan Bass - Loca (Original Mix)

you know, there is a fine line between, "loca", (crazy), and genius, i like to skip, back and forth across it, to keep my mind sharp as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Hernan Bass - Tres (Original Mix)

well i have completed, step one and two, of the flight checks, 1, wake up, 2, drink strong coffee, that leave's me at step, "tres", (three), re-engage the blaze, so if your ready, let's light it up as, standardz, hahahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Timid Boy, Marwan Sabb - Upper (Tripmastaz Street Remix) [Time Has Chang...

well peep's, i'm back with your daily dose of, "upper", to counteract the downer, of that world of grey, so let's move up and out, to the summit as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

David Museen & Erik Christiansen - Black Coffe (Original Mix)

ammmmmmmmmm back, mo fo's, with a little pre-flight entertainment, so if you would like, to make your way, to the v.i.p lounge, while i go complete the flight checks, and we can get right on it, but first, let me take a little slurp of, "black coffe", (Black Coffee), and power up as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Antony Pl - Religion (Original Mix) [Proof Recordings]

you knew, i had to give you, one more, right?, you know peep's, music and the beat, are kind of like a, "religion", it bring's peep's together, from all walks of life, and unifies us as one, and now with that said, it's time for me, to go up and out, to the place, where the dreams are made, second star to the right, and straight on, 'till morning, and with that, I AM out as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio
end transmission :) peace