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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

M2F - Marte (Original Mix)

you know, "Marte", (Mars a small, reddish planet that is the fourth in order from the sun and is periodically visible to the naked eye), is also personified as the god of war, look at how that turned out for the original martian inhabitant's, Not very well as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio.

Adv709 - Gaijin (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, you may think, that I'm just a stupid, "Gaijin",(Foreigner, ๅค–ไบบ), but at least i speak the truth, and have honour in my actions, and wisdom in my words, how about you?, can you say the same?, you should, and if you can't, you need to fix up as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Third Son - Underworld (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, you don't have to be a part of some shady, "Underworld", organisation to be fully aware and conscious, of the fuckery that goes on, one has only to open your eyes, and see the truth, staring back at you as, standardz, hahahahahaha ;) #edio

Glowal - Germinal (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, it's funny i notice things, like when i drop the truth, it gets a little too real for some, and the number of interactions dips slightly, on that specific post, like i could just drop all their, "Germinal", (relating to or of the nature of a germ cell or embryo), research of the illegal and darkest kind, being done in plain sight, or the wholesale harvesting of genetic materials illegally, and using them in gene experimentation, but it would only be counter productive at this point, i'm sure you must know, i'm not kidding bu now as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Madben - The Rave Kids (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, "The Rave Kids", never forget, maybe it's because the experimented with consciousness altering chemicals, that gave them a sense of euphoric unity and oneness, gave them an increased sense of memory, and altered their perceptions of tie from the strobe, who knows as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Clint Stewart - Freight Trains (Original Mix) [Suara]

you know, there are even, "Freight trains", with shackles in them, they've already been used,, i shit you not, did n't you ever wonder what happened to all the homeless people, from when they took them, to the fema camps, or did you just forget, that they were never allowed to leave, unless a family member, or someone came to sign for them, like human garbage, but they never reveled any names of those persons in them, so how can anyone, have ever been signed out, unless the families of the missing, travel to every one, and then how many camps do you think would have just lied, or even worst, it may have been too late, and they just denied all knowledge of them the missing, wake up Peep's, time is short as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :( #edio

Cortechs - Raised By Another (Original Mix) [Suara]

ammmmmmmmmm back mo fo's, for part 2, of our epic journey, into the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass!!, and you know i wasn't raised by a mother i was, "Raised By Another", the mean streets and life, and one thing i learned, and i learned it quick, was you must always take care of yourself, and your crew first, what sort of Peep would i be, if i didn't try to warn you, of their fuckery, those files are just the tip of the iceberg, killer drone swarms, autonomous hunter killer drones, clouds of smart dust and nanites, to choke and kill you!, at the flick of a switch, and to others, it would just look like, a heart attack, or a rare flu reaction, they would never know, unless they analysed the cellular structure, and even then, a trained pathologist would probably miss them, thats how small they are, wake up before its too late as, standardz, hahahaha :( #edio

M.O.D archives
Unidentified aerial phenomenon in the UK air defense region: Executive summary

UAP in the UK Air Defence Region: Executive Summary

The Findings and Recommendations are contained in this Executive Summary. The Executive Summary has now been broken down into 3 parts to make it easier for download purposes.

Executive Summary (full) PDF [5.3 MB]
Executive Summary Part 1 PDF [1.9 MB]
Executive Summary Part 2 PDF [1.8 MB]
Executive Summary Part 3 PDF [1.7 MB] D.I.S scientific & technical memorandum, (working paper No 10 leylines earth-lights and UK fault lines:
Project Horizon USA army proposal of lunar outpost
Proposal t c• Establish a Lunar Outpost (C)
Chief of Ordnance ·cRD 20 Mar 1959
1. (U) Reference letter to Chief of Ordnance from Chief of Research and
Devel opment, subject as above .
2. (C) Subsequent t o approval by t he Chief of Staff of reference, representatives
of the Army Ballistic ~missiles Agency indicated that supplementary
guidance would· be required concerning the scope of the preliminary investigation
specified in the reference. In particular these representatives requested
guidance concerning the source of funds required to conduct the investigation.
3. (S) I envision expeditious development o! the proposal to establish a
lunar outpost to be of critical importance to the p. S . Army of the future. This
evaluation is apparently shared by the Chief of Staff in view of his expeditious
approval and enthusiastic endorsement of initiation of the study . Therefore, the
detail to be covered by the investigation and the subsequent plan should be as complete as is feasible in the time limits allowed and within the funds currently
available within t he office of t he Chief of Ordnance. I n this time of limited
budget , additional monies are unavailable. Current. programs have been scrutinized
rigidly and identifiable "fat'' trimmed away. Thus high study costs are prohibitive
at this time ,
4. (C) I leave it to your discretion t o determine the source and the amount
of money to be devoted to this purpose .
Lieulcnant General, CS
Chief of Research and Deve lopment
Regraded Unclassified
~ by au t hority oi--fc);:m-r)A-157'5"'- 4
d td 21 Scp 196 1
by -t-.-c~1 ~arcr£.--srmon.cs

UAP in the UK Air Defence Region: Volume 2

Volume 2 - Supporting Technical Point Papers covering topics relevant to an undersanding of the phenomena.

For downloading purposes, please note that Volume 2 has been split into several sections.

UAP Volume 2 Part A PDF [8.4 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part B PDF [9.0 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part C PDF [11.0 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part D PDF [9.3 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part E PDF [10.7 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part F PDF [8.2 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part G PDF [7.3 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part H PDF [7.8 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part I PDF [7.9 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part J PDF [6.8 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part K PDF [5.4 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part L PDF [6.8 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part M PDF [8.9 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part N PDF [8.1 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part O PDF [9.1 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part P PDF [9.8 MB]
UAP Volume 2 Part Q PDF [12.9 MB]

FOI Publication Scheme Document Details
Author: Air Command
Owner: MOD
Date document created: 15 May 06
Date released proactively: 15 May 06
Date last updated: 26 Jul 11
Class of Information: What are our priorities and how are we doing
Freedom of Information Organisation area: Armed Forces
Charge: Free of charge

UAP in the UK Air Defence Region: Volume 3

Volume 3 considers classified radar performance data and contains an assessment of relevant technologies in the context of potential military applications and an assessment of UAP as potential hazards to aircraft.

For downloading purposes, please note that Volume 3 has been split into several sections.

UAP Volume 3 Part A PDF [5.2 MB]
UAP Volume 3 Part B PDF [8.3 MB]
UAP Volume 3 Part C PDF [5.8 MB]
UAP Volume 3 Part D PDF [5.7 MB]
UAP Volume 3 Part E PDF [7.2 MB]

FOI Publication Scheme Document Details
Author: Air Command
Owner: MOD
Date document created: 15 May 06
Date released proactively: 15 May 06
Date last updated: 26 Jul 11
Class of Information: What are our priorities and how are we doing
Freedom of Information Organisation area: Armed Forces
Charge: Free of charge

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control 

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

intellipediamkultra.pdf  mkultra

Chronological catalog of reported strange/unexplained lunar events Nasa  TR-R277 1968
NASA Technical Report R-277 
Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events
U.S. Gov. Pub.

The Catalog ref.NASA TR R-277 released in 1968 was at that time the single most complete listing of all observed lunar anomalies that were recorded by observers from 1500 until 1967.

This book refers to over 450 years worth of notes recording observations of unique or unusual phenomena seen on the lunar surface.  They include reports of seeing areas on the moon's surface with strange colors, streaks of light, the appearance of mists, or even possible volcanic activity.

The total number of unique (witnesses) observers is over 300 persons. The visible temporary lunar surface aberrations recorded down through the centuries total over 570.

Project Outreach Space Transportation Systems, Launch Systems, and Propulsion for the Space Exploration Initiative:
you ,may want to read about in-situ propellant, basically they know they can get water and power from rocks, and it can be used on earth, with next to zero waste, or try "the enabler" nuclear powered space vehicles, pg 173, very enlightening as to current capabilities, 

Project Pegasus
for those who think space is a compleatly empty space, 
Measurements of meteoroid abundance in the vicinity of the earth were
made during past years with meteoroid impact sensors on space-borne

advanced propulsion study.pdf Warp Drive Metrics
This study was tasked with the purpose of conducting a thorough literature and program search to carry out and document a technical assessment of the latest concepts in science and engineering that show promise of leading to a major advance in Earth-to-orbit (ETO) propulsion. The study also reviewed and evaluated a select number of credible far-term breakthrough propulsion physics concepts pertaining to R&D work done on or related to gravity/inertia modification, space-time metric modification, and the extraction of energy from the space vacuum environment. The results of the study are presented and summarized in this report. A combined bibliography of advanced propulsion references was assembled and is presented. The report includes an overview of the recent history and present state-of-the-art of ETO launch vehicle and propulsion concepts. Also included is an outline and summary of the criteria and operative guidelines that the author used to examine, select and recommend advanced propulsion concepts. The author identified and selected five promising advanced propulsion concepts, and provides a detailed technical evaluation of their breakthrough potential for ETO propulsion

CIA reading room 

Filter by Collection:

This collection catalogues CIA information on this subject from the 1940s through the early 1990s. Most of the documents concern CIA cables reporting unsubstantiated UFO sightings in the foreign press and intra-Agency memos about how the Agency handled public inquiries about UFO sightings. For the most recent CIA information on UFOs, see the article "CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90" at the Center for the Study of Intelligence website ( The article is located in On-line Publications under the "Studies in Intelligence" section, specifically semi-annual Edition #1, 1997.

pages and pages of UFO/UAP reports

911 result of directed energy weapon, J HUTCHISON AFFIDAVIT
In summary, and as noted in the referenced Wikipedia
article, in the year 1979, I discovered a number of unusual
phenomena, while seeking to duplicate experiments done by Nikola
Tesla. The phenomena have been named "the Hutchison effect" and
they include:
a. levitation of heavy objects. Material;
b. the spontaneous fracturing of metals;
c. changes in the crystalline structure and physical
properties of metals;
d. fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood,
while lacking any displacement;
3 of 31
e. the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent
f. disappearance of metal samples.
Upon examination of the destructive effects done to the
WTC on 9/11, as documented by Dr. Wood and as reviewed by me, I
can and do assert that the WTC was destroyed by devices that are
scaled up, refined and/or weaponized versions of the effects that
I named the “Hutchison effect.”  page 20 is where the visual evidence starts,

UFO PHENOMENA  Thomas E. Bearden, MS, Nuclear Engineering
With special drawings by Hal Crawford
In this paper we introduce a model of mind and matter and their interaction that
is consistent with the entire experimental basis of physics, and which offers mechanisms
for paranormal phenomena of all types, including UFO phenomena. The model is speculative
since certain conclusions drawn by the author from quantum mechanics and other sources
are not generally held by most scientists. Certain conclusions are reached by a new
fourth law of logic advanced by the author and not yet generally accepted by the scientific
community at large.
The author introduces a speculative model of mind and matter and their
interaction that is consistent with the experimental basis of physics, and which
offers mechanisms for paranormal phenomena of all types, including UFO phenomena.
Certain conclusions are reached by a new fourth law of logic, which is briefly
described and summarized. A new photon interaction model of quantized observable
change is also presented.
A solution to the problem of . IE nature of mind is generated, using the author's
fourth law of logic, and a seven dimensional hyper-spatial physical model of a living
bio-system is developed. Using this basic model, an infinite-dimensional co-temporal
hyper-spatial model of the physical universe complete with all its life forms is
constructed, .levels of unconsciousness — including the collective human species
unconscious -•- emerge naturally a s types of cross-talk between hyper-frames.
A natural set of relations between thoughtform s, neutrinos, photons, and particles
emerges from the model. These relations allcvw transformation between thought energy,
neutrinos, virtual photons, photons, and material particles by time coherent collection.
The author's calculation of basic amplifier theory for this transformation process is
pointed out, a s is an actual device (the Moray amplifier) believed to have worked on
this principle.
by the author's formula, the psychokinetic power of a mind level increases
exponer.aally a s the number of biosystem stage? involved. At the level of the collective
human species unconscious, the psychokinesis is sufficient to materialize symbolic
tulpoids (thought forms), given a sufficient stress stimulus in large groups. Using
the cold war a s the major stress stimulus on mankind since World War II, the author
shows that most major UFO waves in the literature precisely fit the model.
Using his own collation and analysis of Soviet psychotronic weapon development,
the author is also able to fit into the model the several thousand paranormal and
bizarre cattle mutilations that have occurred in the U.S. since 1973. 


The Effects of Total Sleep Deprivation and Recovery Sleep on Cognitive Performance and Brain Function, (so they know what buttons to push, to make you into mindless zombies)
An ever-increasing number of military personnel and civilians alike must work daily without adequate sleep. Although considerable data show that sleep deprivation alters many aspects of behavior, little is known about changes in the brain substrate underlying the behavioral effects, and even less is known about the cerebral effects of recovery sleep. The overarching objective of this study is to investigate the effects of 2 full nights of sleep loss (66 hours total) and 2 full nights of recovery sleep on cognitive performance and brain function. We have studied 40 individuals for 6 nights and 6 days. Over the course of this period, subjects received 4 polysomnograms and 10 functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) sessions. During the FMRI sessions, functional brain imaging data was collected while subjects performed each of 3 cognitive tasks. These data provide a rich amount of information concerning the effects of prolonged total sleep deprivation and recovery sleep on cognitive performance and the cerebral underpinnings of that performance. Early analyses of these data are revealing the course of deterioration and recovery in cognitive performance, the specific component processes of cognition affected by sleep deprivation, and the changes in brain function associated with sleep deprivation. We have also initially reported distinct patterns of recovery for different sleep parameters after sleep deprivation, and the possibility of using the FMRI measures to identify neural correlates of vulnerability and resilience to sleep deprivation.

Physiological Vibration and Resonance of LFS, (low frequency sound), on the Respiratory System, (so they can literally make a Darth Vader choking field/ray and suffocate you at random)
Model predictions of the effects of LFS on the human respiratory system suggested that pressures within airways can be greater than pressures applied to the body surface. In the current study, more physiologically and anatomically accurate human and rat lung models were developed to further study the consequences of LFS as well as to infer human lung behavior from measurements made in rats. The human model was also used to predict whether pressure amplification would be more significant in asthmatics by incorporating airway heterogeneity and broncho-constriction into the model. Pressure amplification was predicted to be reduced in asthmatics. A comparison between human and rat lung behavior indicated that resonances in rat lungs occur in human lungs at about one-tenth the frequency. Thus, the resonances predicted to occur in rat lungs at higher frequencies, i.e., 5,000 and 11,000 Hz, could produce pressure amplification in humans at much lower frequencies (i.e., 50-100 Hz). We are confident in the human model predictions since they compared very well with physiological measurements over a wide frequency range (2-2000 Hz). However, we have less confidence in the rat model since ft could be validated only for a limited frequency range (20-80 Hz) due to the paucity of published rat data.

Using Lasers in Space: Laser Orbital Debris Removal and Asteroid Deflection, (directed energy weapons platform in space said to be used against other space based weapons, but to be used offensively against population centers, 911)
Orbital debris in tow-Earth orbit ranging in size from 1 to 10 centimeters (cm) in diameter, poses a significant problem for space vehicles. While this debris can he detected, it cannot he tracked with sufficient reliability to permit spacecraft to avoid these objects. Such debris can cause catastrophic damage even to a shielded spacecraft. Given the technological advances associated with adaptive optics, a ground- based pulsed laser could ablate or vaporize the surface of orbital debris, thereby producing enough cumulative thrust to cause debris to reenter the atmosphere. One laser facility could remove all of the one-ten centimeter debris in three years or less. This study proposes that the United States develop a technology demonstration of this laser space propulsion in order to implement a system for removing debris from earth orbit. The cost of this proposed demonstration is favorable in comparison with the typical costs OR SPACECRAFT OPERATIONS. Orbital debris is not the only form of space junk that is deleterious to the Earth. Since collisions with asteroids have caused major havoc to the Earth s biosphere on several occasions in the geological past, the reality is that the Earth will probably experience another impact in the future. For this reason, this study also considers the possibilities of scaling up a system for removing orbital debris to a system that could prevent these catastrophic collisions if we have sufficient warning.

High Brightness X-Ray Source for Directed Energy and Holographic Imaging Applications, (x-ray thermal night vision and UV infrared and anywhere inbetween vision)
Advances in x-ray imaging technology and x-ray sources are such that a new technology can be brought to commercialization enabling the three- dimensional (3- D) microvisualization of hydrated biological specimens. The Company is engaged in a program whose main goal is the development of a new technology for direct three dimensional (3-D) x-ray holographic imaging. It is believed that this technology will have a wide range of important applications in the defense, medical, and scientific sectors. For example, in the medical area, it is expected that biomedical science will constitute a very active and substantial market. The basis of this view, is represented directly below. The application of physical technologies for the direct visualization of biological entities has had a long and extremely fruitful history. The invention of the light microscope in the 17th century and the development of the electron microscope shortly before World War II, have obviously been enormously successful scientifically. Equally significantly, these two landmark advances, in addition to revealing radically new physical features of the human environment, have also had a profound and unexpected influence on man's spiritual perception of his world. The light microscope opened up an unseen universe, not only of strange plant and animal life, but also one embodying new shapes and forms, serving to challenge and stimulate the mind. The electron microscope, by greatly enhancing the spatial resolution achievable, led to further seminal findings, such as the first views of viral particles and the complex cytoskeletal structure of cells.

Adaptive Machine Vision (ai targeting system)
The final report summarizes the work on multi-target tracking, adaptive photodetector array concepts for sensors that must operate in nuclear disturbed backgrounds, pattern detection for target/ decoy discrimination with a neura1 network, and Gabor wavelet techniques for feature extraction in a neural network inspired by the Neocognitron of Fukushima. Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition.

Artificial Intelligence and National Security
(Ai plans for use in all aspects military and public and private sectors are planned to increase, meaning they are going to start rolling out the killer bots, even though they claim its only to better us)
Partially autonomous and intelligent systems have been used in military
technology since at least the Second World War, but advances in machine
learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) represent a turning point in the
use of automation in warfare. Though the United States military and
intelligence communities are planning for expanded use of AI across their
portfolios, many of the most transformative applications of AI have not yet
been addressed. In this piece, we propose three goals for developing future policy on AI
and national security: preserving U.S. technological leadership, supporting
peaceful and commercial use, and mitigating catastrophic risk. By looking
at four prior cases of transformative military technology—nuclear,
aerospace, cyber, and biotech—we develop lessons learned and recommendations
for national security policy toward AI. 

March 2015
DARPA 2015
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Mastering New Neurotechnologies  (this is very disturbing)
Recent advances in microelectronics, information science and neuroscience are enabling the development of novel therapies to accelerate recovery after a range of injuries and, in the longer run, new approaches to optimizing human performance. Among the Agency’s goals in this domain are implantable neural interfaces for human clinical use to bridge gaps in the injured brain, help overcome memory deficits and precisely deliver therapeutic stimuli in patients with neuropsychiatric and neurological disease; and systems to provide sensor-enabled feedback from prosthetic hands to the nervous system to provide enhanced dexterity and even the sense of touch for amputees, (or integrating flesh into cyborg killing machines for better responses to stimuli),

Active Removal of Space Debris Expanding foam application for active debris removal 
Controlling the amount of space debris is widely recognised as an important task to maintaining a sustainable space access for the decades to come. This is mainly due to the high risk of collisions that can easily invalidate both human and robotic mission. The topic is on the agenda of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee and coordinated between space agencies in the InterAgency Space Debris Coordination Committee ( Most current efforts focus on debris mitigation methods. The Active Space Debris Removal System proposed in this study is based on an expanding foam system. The core idea of this method is to increase the area-to-mass ratio of these objects such that the atmospheric drag can cause their natural re-entry, thus “cleaning up” different regions in the near-Earth space. The drag augmentation system proposed does not require any docking system and just an uncontrolled re-entry can follow, thus it seems a short-term application free from the usual technological issues of these debris removal systems., (or cause such a massive mass that it doesnt have time to burn up on the inside, and then you have a giant mad mad asteroid of highly toxic and volatile material raining down from space like a kinetic weapon, can also be used to capture satellites)