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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Raffaele Rizzi - A Special Day (Original Mix)

well peep's, i want to thank you, for making this, "a special day", 2.8k views so far today, on my page not including, all the others, so bravo, we have done brava, (good) bravissimo, (very good), like i knew we would as, standardz, hahahaha, :) #edio

Jamie Fullick - Impulsion (The Southern remix) Funk n' Deep

when you feel a rumble in the tumble, and you get a sudden, "impulsion", (a strong urge to do something; an impulse), to feed on a vanilla slice and a espresso, it's a good job this place, has a 24 hour kitchen as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Buitrago - Expelled (Original Stick)

well our time is almost up, but dont panic you can't get, "expelled", (deprive someone of membership, of or involvement in a organisation), and you don't have to stay behind, while i do the paper work. i will post it up, but it will take a few hours, as fb analytics is garbage, and it doesnt collate, my pages together for me as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Christian Nielsen - Late Check Out

well peep's, i wish i could say i have a, "late check out", in the morning, (i'm doing this, from a hotel room), but i have a mega hectic day, i have to view a property, (fingers crossed for me), and hopefully i can unpack, this big mo fo case, i have been dragging around, well at least 'till Wednesday, then it's off on a mission a week away for my b-day, but don't worry, i will still be here, it's what we do as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Gianni Ruocco - Quimbaya(Original mix)

you know, i have those next level skill's just like the, "Quimbaya", (an extinct people of western Colombia b : a member of such people. 2 : a language of the Quimbaya people, that is probably Cariban), The Quimbaya civilisation was a South American civilisation, noted for spectacular gold work characterised by technical accuracy, and detailed designs and had their skills finely honed as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tech House Nr. 578

well peep's, the clock has struck 11pm, and we're into, the final hour before, "the cry", of time please!!, last orders, and i toddle off, in to the belly of the beast, to compile the data, from my other pages, and then write it all out, why dont make a multi-platform analytics app, to add all my pages data, (not the non music stuff i keep that separate), up for me and give me, an entire break down, of the country's and city's in one place. instead of me doing it manually, its so time consuming as, standardz, hahahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Sam Perez & Mark Curse - link beat (Saul B remix)

you know, i just drop one, "link beat", after another, it's what we do as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Animal Picnic & Aayron - Caps (Original Mix) [Suara]

like the wanderer from vault 21, scouring the mental wasteland, (fb), i'm not in it for the, "caps", (bottle caps are used as currency), i'm in it for the love of the beat and the peep's as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Piemont - Purist

you may think i am a, "purist", (a person who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules or structures, especially in language or style), but it isn't entirely true, i believe in the natural order of things, but i love, a bit of chaos, how would we know, what order is without it as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Cozzy D, Lee Brinx - Lost Heads (Mobius Strum Remix) [Lower East Records]

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:
If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools:
If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run -
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be the peep's as one
dont' give in to hate and be another, "lost head",
fight the good fight, give all you can,
and do what you must, don't just blindly believe,
take time learn the truth and see whom,
you can trust as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Antix - The Hoard

dont let them tell you, there is no hope, of changing the world, as a species, we are loving, kind, compassionate, understanding, tolerant, "the hoard", doesn't stand a chance, you see thats the thing about wars, even the soldiers have families too, and i know i for one, if i were in that position, i would sooner go a.w.o.l, to protect me and mine, and you and yours, in a heart beat, than follow their orders, what can they do?,,, nothing as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Rob Mirage - Flamenco (Supernova Remix) (Nirvana Recordings)

do you do, "flamenco"?, you should, it can put that fire, back in your belly as, standardz, hahahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Fabio Giannelli - Apparlas (Slam Remix)

you know, i just keep on going like a, "Apparlas", (machine tool), firing out the beats, brap, brap, brap, it's the only rapid fire, i'll use as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Mark Knight 'Together' (Original Club Mix)

 i know that, "together", all of us as one, are as a unstoppable force, that can change the world forever as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Rone White, Designerz - Eye Contact (Original Mix) [Dirtyclub Music]

we've done it, at last we have made, "eye contact", with the summit, this mean but one thing peep's, freeeeeeee roaaaaaaam mode is activated!!, get in as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Sub Washer - Ebalus (Original Mix) [Maskerade]

sometimes i sit and muse, i wonder if we, "ebalus", (mix לְעַרְבֵּב, two or more different qualities, things, or people placed, combined, or considered together), together all the good will, and positivity of the world, and channelled it towards one place, what sort of effect it would have on the planet, especially on the intersecting nodes of the global grid, see (, if i'm right, the resulting energy would be transmitted, through the grid spreading a wave, of love and positivity, which would serve to counter, what they are doing, with the weaponized cell towers too as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Stanny Abram, Oliver Carloni - Body Musik (Original Mix) [Egothermia]

let's just make, "body musik", (body music), and hit those, *high* note's as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Ektor Eros - Elevate (Original Mix) [Different Sound]

let me help you, "elevate", your mind, a high vibrational frequency, is the key as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tucci - Let Me Escape (Original Mix) [Flashmob Records]

we have only to cry out, in one voice, "let me escape", this Xibalba, this place of fear, as we journey through the land, of the forgotten, (home to the forgotten, the souls of those who are no longer remembered, by their living relatives), but don't panic it's ok, the pieces reset at the end of each game, on the board of life as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Brown Sneakers - Preacher

you should be careful, whom you follow on the road to awe, even the devil, can appear as an angel of light, or a preacher, while secretly seeking the ruination of life, so i say, don't trust word's, no matter how eloquent or flattering, trust in the valour of deeds, and glory of positive actions as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Babis Del - Deepah (Original mix) [Ortega LTD]

well peep's, it's been a long day, and I've been posting, faster than the flash on speed, so i'm going to take a short break, and re-engage the blaze, and when i come back, we can get, "deepah", (deeper), into the groove as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

SB(UK) - What You Need (Original Mix) [Carypla Records]

you know, i may not give you, exactly what you want, but i will always give you precisely, "what you need", to keep on going on, and movin' forwards as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Oz Romita - Curacao (Original Mix) [Exit 32]

ignore the haterz, they probably had, too much, "Curacao", (a liqueur flavoured with the peel of bitter oranges), and it left them twisted up, like they ate a whole bag of tangfastic sours as, standardz, hahahaha, :) #edio

Shosho, Peppou - Catun (Richard Cleber Remix) [Tulipa Recordings]

don't panic, if they say, your one pig, short of a, "Catun", (hamlet), for the rest is silence as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Mr. Hugo - Spacewalk (Remix) [Basswalk Records]

you know there are lot's, of strange inconsistencies in the, "spacewalk", footage from the ISS, one of the biggest and most obvious, is the perspective, the height of the ISS, no matter how far out from Earth, can not see over the horizon, as with viewing any sphere, at any distance you can only see it, after it has crossed over the horizon, not before, also considering the size of the camera, and it's documented low earth orbit height, it should never be able to see, the outside curvature of the planet, as the planet is huge, and the ISS orbits very close to it, if you take an orange or Apple any fruit or object, roughly that size will do, then the ISS would be orbiting it closer than 1 mm from its surface, meaning it is impossible to capture the views and images they do without heavily manipulating or out right faking it, but they have made the classic mistake, of showing what they think, we want to see, instead of all those swarms of light, zooming in every direction, and at incredible speed as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Little Large - Bobowa (Original Mix) [NastyFunk Records]

we may not be able, to directly change the past, but we can defo change, the course of, "Bobowa", (tomorrow), and future history as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Scott James, Jimmy Strip - Gotta Make This (Original Mix) [Set About]

you know, all of us we, "gotta make this", count for all, is at stake as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Lee Van Dowski, Bastian Bux - Ban This (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]

first they tried to, slow me down, then they tried to, limit my post reach, then they flat out, started stealing my likes and interactions, as i tested it out to confirm, i had a few peep's on it, liking each post and i and they watched as they were unliked, right in front of their faces, but theres one thing, i do know is, they can never, "ban this", i'll just change the playing field, to a more even one, fb is trash, and should be binned, it's a government spyware tool, thats why, it's so heavily endorsed, and is installed on most digital devices as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Weiss (UK) - Bounce (Original Mix) [DIRTYBIRD]

you know, i give you more, "bounce", to the ounce as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Artfunk - No One (Original Mix)

you know, "no one", deserves to live a unhappy life, full of pain and suffering, we all just want, to be free and happy, with the rule of tyrannical regimes, operating under the guise of freedom and democracy, far behind us, like a distant memory, fading into obscurity as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Einzelkind - (Amnesia Pearl Mix)

well we must all learn, our own lessons, as we travel down the, "Free Savioni", (freeway, an express highway, especially one with controlled access), of life's long journey, but it doesnt say anywhere, that we aren't allowed to share the answers learned, or wisdom gained as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Maximono - Waka (Original Mix) [This Ain't Bristol]

there is no time to, "waka", (wait), if you value your life, and that of your famz, and i know i do, you should be seriously, paying attention, to what is going on, it's not a joke!, there is no waka waka waka punch line as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Shiba San - Clean Or Dirty (Original Mix) [Brock Wild]

you choices you take, effect your future, and the state of your own soul, so whats it to be, "clean or dirty", up or down, i know i'm sorted as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Ste E, Cleary - Pester (Original Mix) [NastyFunk Records]

you know, i think it's hilarious, that when you mention these sensitive topics on fb, you get tagged up, with a fake a account comment, with spam video tags on it, just quit it and don't, "pester", me  fb hq with your fake account's, so you can track my post's, jog on as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Davina Moss - Fineplay (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music]

you see all these, dinosaur tech rockets, have been obsolete, for a very long time, but they need an excuse, to keep funnelling taxes off, to pay for their black and ultra black budget projects, so they put on a, "fineplay", just like looking at fire works, they give the crowd, something to look at, and oooh and ahhhhhhh at, and think they got something, for their cash, when the data, is mostly faked, really most of them, they dont go into outer space, just go over the horizon, and land at places like Diego Garcia, an Atoll in the Indian Ocean, and the rest is made in film studios, and on computers, seeing as there is no way short of actually going there for ones self to see, they can post what ever they want, and say its real, they have been caught faking, and manipulating their images, many time's, even i have footage, from the Apollo missions, that no one else has even spotted, the background shadows bleed through, to the front of the so called astronaut, it's only in a few frames but it is physically impossible, to occur naturally, its a product of the crap computer image editing software, available at the time as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Jame Moorfield - The Opaque (Original Mix)

you see peep's, they're the one's, who are trying to kill, you, me, and everyone we love, and pretty much all life on the planet, and they have been looting and pillaging, across the solar system and beyond, they think they are, "the opaque", (not able to be seen through; not transparent), but we have been watching them foir a long time,
it doesnt matter, if you don't believe me, but just look at the evidence, and make an informed decision and gain knowledge as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Matt Sassari - Jubilee (Original Mix) [Milk Crate]

you know, the eclipse is coming, and there are certain extremist, working within certain governments, (i think we all know which i'm referring to, they have been building up to this for quite sometime kind of a, "Jubilee", (a special anniversary of an event), and there going to use this moment, to do lots of occult ceremonies, like they do during inauguration, (when they summon set from the underworld, to posses the president, they do this, at the same time as they are inaugurated, just around the corner), and they are going to try to use the forthcoming event to showcase their of world tech, (some of it), you should have a look at project blue beam, they killed two investigative journalists over it with the Venus gun, a small hand held device that can kill at a distance while leaving no traces at all, it induces heart attacks,, they want to wipe out most of humanity, and the ones who are left, will be used as docile mind controlled slaves, we cannot allow this to happen as, standardz, hahahaha, ;) #edio

Ugur Project - Lower Floor (Original Mix) [High Pressure Music]

it's time to elevate our minds from the, "lower floor", and to the glory, of the summit as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

PREMIERE: Lewis Jimenex - Projection (Original Mix)

all we have to do, is use a little mental, "projection", of intention, and create a new reality as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Jay Mosley - Torment (Original Mix)

you know peep's, all of you around the globe, and i mean it literally, (you've seen the league results), you know your all reading these words, and i have been trying to influence ever so slightly the out come of certain events, see i know what is coming it has been my own personal "torment", knowing that we are so close, to being truly free, yet because of apathy and the dumbing down of society, they lack the will to push for it, they have been blinded to the truth by lies and ignorance, make no mistake, the governments of the world are working in collusion, to poison us all, our air, our water, our food, and please don't think i say these things lightly, but something must be done, before its too late i highly recommend you read this document,, and when you have, i know there are things in there, that ill horrify you, the active poisoning of peeps, in black and white, all the data in this document, is drawn together from cia fbi and all intelligence data bases, it was published, a while ago and has just been sat, quietly on servers, there are more documents, just like this that i have access to, so please read it, take a lesson from Sun Tzu and know your enemy as, standardz, hahahaha, :) #edio

Jay Mosley - Induce (Original Mix)

well peep's let' s see if we can, "induce", (succeed in persuading or influencing someone, to do something), and help steer the course away, from the madness, that they are about to unleash, upon the world, (it's OK though, we win), we always do as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Weiss - You Better Run (Dub Mix)

ammmmm back mo fo's, for another, epic journey, in the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass!!, and you know what, there is too much at stake, for me to do nothing, so polluters and destroyers of the planet, and poisoners of peep's, be warned!!!, i'm coming for you, our forces have been around you, for the longest time, you think, we don't know, about the upcoming plan, to push into south america, and interfere in the process, the sun dance has been done so, "you better run", and we know your wish, to start a fight with the south west pacific regions, it ultimately fails, we see everything!!!, so buckle up, and sit back, plug in, turn up, do whatever it is, you have to do!!, to enjoy the music!, that much more!, Control this is, flight 420 requesting, go no/go!, on primary?, this is control, permission to get l.a.f, and go for, full blaze!!, you better, strap yourself in, quick time!, because we, have a launch in progress, in t - minus 10 seconds and counting down, hope your ready!,........ 5.......4.......3.......2.......1.......0 power to all drive's, crank up the phonic reactor, engage harmonic reinforcement, increase the warp bubble, charge barium crystal capacitor's, activate inertial dampening field, navigation on-line, and retract the umbilical, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, and we, are away as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

RanchaTek - Commitment (Original Mix)

you knew, i had to give you, one more right?, it's called, "commitment", it's something most people, don't understand, but it's what we do, but now it's time, for me to go, on my own solo journey, to the place where the dreams are made, up and out, second star to the right, and straight on, 'till morning, and with that, I AM out as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio
end transmission :) peace