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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Neon Cactus - Light In Shining Karma (Alanrock Mix) ·1998·

just think of me as your, "light in shining karma", my body and soul are clean, are yours?, they should be as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

First State - First State 2005

you know, we are fast in the, "first state", (solid), when it comes to our convictions, of truth and justice and freedom, and the right to exist free from suffering, being for all, not just the few as, standardz, hahahahaha,. :) #edio

Nicky Davis - To Munich (Steve L Joins Planet Trax Remix)

and i say, "to Munich", fight the hatred, don't let them win, there is a cancer growing within, they would drape Siegestor, with the red white and black, and defile it, they seek to turn the rights to wrongs, and confuse your minds, to thine selves be true as, standardz, hahahaha, :( #edio

Transitions - Winds Of War [HQ]

oh how they love, to fan the, "winds of war", to make the flames burn brighter, Valenzuela we hear you, keep going, your cause and quest are true, we are with you as, standardz, hahahaha, :) #edio

Ecano - Run (Z2 Mix) [Avantgarde 1999]

you see, secretly the powers that be, (spit ), know that killing is wrong, and that by committing these act's, they condemn themselves, thats why they get others, to do it for them, i'm pretty sure, you chuck catwig in a dangerous situation, he isn't going to pop up guns a blazing, to the rescue, pmsl he's gonna duck and, "run", and scurry, and look for his body guards and head for the nearest exit, all while saying, don't panic!, everything is perfectly normal and fine as, standardz, hahahahaha, :( #edio

Trance Team - Breath Of Life (The Force Mix)

they convince them, it is nothing to take the, "breath of life", away from a living being, by giving them a false sense of reality, by positively enforcing negative normal behaviour, (giving them a medal for murdering), why do you think they have to go through debriefings, to assess for psychological damage, as if that sort of thing wouldn't leave a mark, on their minds and souls as, standardz, hahahaha, :( #edio

Centuras - Definitive

you know, you can get a, "definitive", (of a conclusion or agreement done or reached, decisively, and with authority), understanding of how they view us, from their actions, and what they allow you, and me to see and hear, and you can most defo. count on the fact, as shown from their actions, that they give less than zero fucks, about anyone outside, of their greedy little bubbles, you and me included as, standardz, hahaha :( #edio

Pablo Gargano - Trance in Saigon (Eve 9)

you know why, they insert memorable lines in movies especially, violent ones, to desensitise you to it, if you had never ever seen death, or brutality or pain or suffering, and were suddenly faced with these things, you would be horrified, at the thought, of such acts being committed, and would rally together against these, vile perpetrators of such acts, so they show you it on t.v or the moves, so when you see it in the real world, you dont care, you have seen much worse on t.v, (except that isn't real a feeling of being disconnected), but the mind every-time it see's something, it takes it in, even at the unconscious level, like video games that reward killing, it encourages the mind to be less empathic, in the real world, it's a proven medical and psychological fact 100%, when you should care you should real back in horror, and here is a prime example of how they would put you in a"trance in Saigon", Saigon... shit; I'm still only in Saigon... Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle. I've seen horrors... horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that... but you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror... Horror has a face... and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies! I remember when I was with Special Forces... seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate some children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn't see. We went back there, and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. And I remember... I... I... I cried, I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out; I didn't know what I wanted to do! And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it... I never want to forget. And then I realised... like I was shot... like I was shot with a diamond... a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my God... the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realised they were stronger than we, because they could stand that these were not monsters, these were men... trained cadres. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love... but they had the strength... the strength... to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men, our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral... and at the same time who are able to utilise their primordial instincts to kill without feeling... without passion... without judgement... without judgement! Because it's judgement that defeats us., but that isn't true, it is our judgement that free's us, from these archaic concepts and terrors such as war as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Vinyl Blair - Dope (Vinyl Green Gold Mix)

this is flight 420 to control,  we have reached the transition, between phase 1 and 2, request status update on go, no / go for maximum waviness and engage the, "dope" drive?, this is control to flight, permission granted to get L.A.F, and go for full blaze as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Khristian K - Adequationem (Original Mix)

i'm just trying ti bring return some, "Adequationem"(adequation, The act of equalising; act or result of making adequate, an equivalent), that sounds like it did before), to the balance as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Richtberg & Wojkowski - Paint it Black - Original Mix

you know, sometimes i want to take the world and, "paint it black", not because i'm a emo or goth, but because it would lower the temperature of the planet, by natural means, not chemical and biological, and enrgetic means as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Christopher Ivor - Path of the Fool [Chapter 24]

some may even say, it is the, "path of the fool", to try to change the world, but the thing about a path is, they always lead somewhere as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Alex Dimou - Top Of The Hill (Original Mix)

you know, hope may be a struggle to reach, but you should see the view, from the, "top of the hill", looking down and back, at the distance you travelled and obstacles, you've over come as, standardz. hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Dan Drastic, Sven Tasnadi - Tastic (MHR100)

ahhhh pizza, what a genius idea, it's totally, "tastic", (totally fantastic), i'm sure if Leonardo da Vinci, were alive, he would be sat in his shorts, and pimp suit, (dressing gown), laughing at cat meme's on the internet, while eating it as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Marcelo Nassi - Floating Soul (Jon Sweetname Remix)

we could be just a, "floating soul", in a tank of goo, heading out on a interstellar journey, and our mind is being given, the dream of a life time, to keep us sharp, just in case a emergency should arise, to aid in the hibernation process, the mind has to go, into a recessive state but alert, while the body has induced hypothermia, in a non freezing gel like non Newtonian liquid, so when at freezing temperature all the moisture in your cells, does not rupture and explode, the body is the easy bit, people who have been frozen, have been revived many times, the tricky bit is the mind, that why we would have to dream, and time flows differently, in the dream world as, standardz, hahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

PQM - You Are Sleeping (Matador Remix)

Knock, Knock,,, wake up, "you are sleeping", you do not want to believe, wake up!, before it's too late, open your eyes, and see the matrix has you as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Mark Broom - Decay

you know, that nothing is what it appears to be, what is real, and what is not, what is life and what is, "decay", is it just the absence or receding of life?, there are many cells, that remain active, after what we call death, even specialised enzymes and proteins, that kick in, to help recycle our bodies, why should we decay at all, its not like the body, is going to be used, so why do they do it?, what benefit is it to the cells, to recycle dead tissue?, unless it is privy to wisdom, that we are not?, there are many such lost scientific means, and idea's, that are lost or dismissed, because of modern sciences, blind willingness to believe, the established dogma's and do as they are told and to not think creatively or analytically and to follow all the evidence, they have hindered mans advancements more than helped, anything they reuse to believe may as well be dammed to them, By the damned, I mean the excluded.
We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded.Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that I have exhumed, will march. You'll read the more they'll march. Some of them livid and some of them fiery and some of them rotten. Some of them are , skeletons, mummies, twitching, tottering, animated by companions that have been damned alive. There are giants that will walk by, though sound asleep. There are things that are theorems and things that are rags: they'll go by like Euclid arm in arm with the spirit of anarchy. Here and there will flit little harlots. Many are clowns. But many are of the highest respectability. Some are assassins. There are pale stenches and gaunt superstitions and mere shadows and lively malice's: whims and amiability. The naive and the pedantic and the bizarre and the grotesque and the sincere and the insincere, the profound and the puerile. A stab and a laugh and the patiently folded hands of hopeless propriety. The ultra-respectable, but the condemned, anyway. The aggregate appearance is of dignity and dissoluteness: the aggregate voice is a defiant prayer: but the spirit of the whole is processional. The power that has said to all these things that they are damned, is Dogmatic Science. But they'll march. The little harlots will caper, and freaks will distract attention, and the clowns will break the rhythm of the whole with their buffoonery, but the solidity of the procession as a whole: the impressiveness of things that pass and pass and pass, and keep on and keep on and keep on coming, The irresistibly of things that neither threaten nor jeer nor defy, but arrange themselves in mass-formations that pass and pass and keep on passing. So, by the damned, I mean the excluded. But by the excluded I mean that which will some day be the excluding. Or everything that is, won't be. And everything that isn't, will be But, of course, will be that which won't be, It is our expression that the flux between that which isn't and that which won't be, or the state that is commonly and absurdly called existence, is a rhythm of heavens and hell's, that the damned won't stay damned; that salvation only precedes perdition. The inference is that some day our accursed tatterdemalions will be sleek angels. Then the sub-inference is that some later day, back they'll go whence they came. It is our expression that nothing can attempt to be, except by attempting to exclude something else: that that which is commonly called "being" is a state that is wrought more or less definitely proportionately to the appearance of positive difference between that which is included and that which is excluded. But it is our expression that there are no positive differences: that all things are like a mouse and a bug in the heart of a cheese. Mouse and a bug: no two things could seem more unlike. They're there a week, or they stay there a month: both are then only transmutations of cheese. I think we're all bugs and mice, and are only different expressions of an all-inclusive cheese. Or that red is not positively different from yellow: is only another degree of whatever vibrancy yellow is a degree of: that red and yellow are continuous, or that they merge in orange. So then that, if, upon the basis of yellowness and redness, Science should attempt to classify all phenomena, including all red things as veritable, and excluding all yellow things as false or illusory, the demarcation would have to be false and arbitrary, because things coloured orange, constituting continuity, would belong on both sides of the attempted border-line. As we go along, we shall be impressed with this, That no basis for classification, or inclusion and exclusion, more reasonable than that of redness and yellowness has ever been conceived of., Science has, by appeal to various bases, included a multitude of data. Had it not done so, there would be nothing with which to seem to be. Science has, by appeal to various bases, excluded a multitude of data. Then, if redness is continuous with yellowness: if every basis of admission is continuous with every basis of exclusion, Science must have excluded some things that are continuous with the accepted. In redness and yellowness, which merge in orangeness, we typify all tests, all standards, all means of forming an opinion, Or that any positive opinion upon any subject is illusion built upon the fallacy that there are positive differences to judge by That the quest of all intellect-ion has been for something a fact, a basis, a generalisation, law, formula, a major premise that is positive: that the best that has ever been done has been to say that some things are self-evident whereas, by evidence we mean the support of something else, That this is the quest; but that it has never been attained; but that Science has acted, ruled, pronounced, and condemned as if it had been attained. What is a house?, (apart from a name for a construct or genre), It is not possible to say what anything is, as positively distinguished from anything else, if there are no positive differences., A barn is a house, if one lives in it. If residence constitutes houseness, because style of architecture does not, then a bird's nest is a house: and human occupancy is not the standard to judge by, because we speak of dogs' houses; nor material, because we speak of snow houses of Eskimos—or a shell is a house to a hermit crab or was to the mollusc that made it or things seemingly so positively different as the White House at Washington and a shell on the seashore are seen to be continuous. So no one has ever been able to say what electricity is, for instance. It isn't anything, as positively distinguished from heat or magnetism or life. Meta physicians and theologians and biologists have tried to define life. They have failed, because, in a positive sense, there is nothing to define: there is no phenomenon of life that is not, to some degree, manifest in chemism, magnetism, astronomic motions. White coral islands in a dark blue sea. their seeming of distinctness: the seeming of individuality, or of positive difference one from another—but all are only projections from the same sea bottom. The difference between sea and land is not positive. In all water there is some earth: in all earth there is some water. So then that all seeming things are not things at all, if all are inter-continuous, any more than is the leg of a table a thing in itself, if it is only a projection from something else: that not one of us is a real person, if, physically, we're continuous with environment; if, psychically, there is nothing to us but expression of relation to environment. Our general expression has two aspects: Conventional monism, or that all "things" that seem to have identity of their own are only islands that are projections from something underlying, and have no real outlines of their own. But that all things, though only projections, are projections that are striving to break away from the underlying that denies them identity of their own. I conceive of one inter-continuous nexus, in which and of which all seeming things are only different expressions, but in which all things are localisations of one attempt to break away and become real things, or to establish entity or positive difference or final demarcation or unmodified independence, or personality or soul, as it is called in human phenomena, That anything that tries to establish itself as a real, or positive, or absolute system, government, organisation, self, soul, entity, individuality, can so attempt only by drawing a line about itself, or about the inclusions that constitute itself, and damning or excluding, or breaking away from, all other things, That, if it does not so act, it cannot seem to be, That, if it does so act, it falsely and arbitrarily and futilely and disastrously acts, just as would one who draws a circle in the sea, including a few waves, saying that the other waves, with which the included are continuous, are positively different, and stakes his life upon maintaining that the admitted and the damned are positively different. Our expression is that our whole existence is animation of the local by an ideal that is realisable only in the universal: That, if all exclusions are false, because always are included and excluded continuous: that if all seeming of existence perceptible to us is the product of exclusion, there is nothing that is perceptible to us that really is: that only the universal can really be. Our especial interest is in modern science as a manifestation of this one ideal or purpose or process, That it has falsely excluded, because there are no positive standards to judge by: that it has excluded things that, by its own pseudo-standards, have as much right to come in as have the chosen. Our general expression, That the state that is commonly and absurdly called existence, is a flow, or a current, or an attempt, from negativeness to positiveness, and is intermediate to both, By positiveness we mean, Harmony, equilibrium, order, regularity, stability, consistency, unity, realness, system, government, organisation, liberty, independence, soul, self, personality, entity, individuality, truth, beauty, justice, perfection, definiteness, That all that is called development, progress, or evolution is movement toward, or attempt toward, this state for which, or for aspects of which, there are so many names, all of which are summed up in the one word positiveness. At first this summing up may not be very readily acceptable. At first it may seem that all these words are not synonyms: that "harmony" may mean "order," but that by "independence," for instance, we do not mean "truth," or that by "stability" we do not mean "beauty," or "system," or justice., I conceive of one inter-continuous nexus, which expresses itself in astronomic phenomena, and chemic, biologic, psychic, sociological: that it is everywhere striving to localise positiveness: that to this attempt in various fields of phenomena—which are only quasi-different—we give different names. We speak of the "system" of the planets, and not of their government: but in considering a store, for instance, and its management, we see that the words are interchangeable. It used to be customary to speak of chemic equilibrium, but not of social equilibrium: that false demarcation has been broken down. We shall see that by all these words we mean the same state. As every-day conveniences, or in terms of common illusions, of course, they are not synonyms. To a child an earth worm is not an animal. It is to the biologist. By beauty, I mean that which seems complete. Reversely, that the incomplete, or the mutilated, is the ugly. Venus de Milo. To a child she is ugly, When a mind adjusts to thinking of her as a completeness, even though, by physiologic standards, incomplete, she is beautiful. A hand thought of only as a hand, may seem beautiful. Found on a battlefield—obviously a part—not beautiful. But everything in our experience is only a part of something else that in turn is only a part of still something else—or that there is nothing beautiful in our experience: only appearances that are intermediate to beauty and ugliness—that only universality is complete: that only the complete is the beautiful: that every attempt to achieve beauty is an attempt to give to the local the attribute of the universal. By stability, we mean the immovable and the unaffected. But all seeming things are only reactions to something else. Stability, too, then, can be only the universal, or that besides which there is nothing else. Though some things seem to have, or have—higher approximations to stability than have others, there are, in our experience, only various degrees of intermediates to stability and instability. Every man, then, who works for stability under its various names of permanency, survival, duration, is striving to localise in something the state that is realisable only in the universal. By independence, entity, and individuality, I can mean only that besides which there is nothing else, if given only two things, they must be continuous and mutually effective, if everything is only a reaction to something else, and any two things would be destructive of each other's independence, entity, or individuality. All attempted organisations and systems and consistencies, some approximating far higher than others, but all only intermediate to Order and Disorder, fail eventually because of their relations with outside forces. All are attempted, completeness's. If to all local phenomena there are always outside forces, these attempts, too, are realisable only in the state of completeness, or that to which there are no outside forces. Or that all these words are synonyms, all meaning the state that we call the positive state, That our whole existence is a striving, for the positive state. The amazing paradox of it all, That all things are trying to become the universal by excluding other things. That there is only this one process, and that it does animate all expressions, in all fields of phenomena, of that which we think of r as one inter-continuous nexus, The religious and their idea or ideal of the soul. They mean distinct, stable entity, or a state that is independent, and not a mere flux of vibrations or complex of reactions to environment, continuous with environment, merging away with an infinitude of other interdependent complexes. But the only thing that would not merge away into something else would be that besides which there is nothing else. That Truth is only another name for the positive state, or that the quest for Truth is the attempt to achieve positiveness, Scientists who have thought that they were seeking Truth, but who were trying to find out astronomic, or chemic, or biologic truths. But Truth is that besides which there is nothing: nothing to modify it, nothing to question it, nothing to form an exception: the all-inclusive, the complete, By Truth I mean the Universal. So chemists have sought the true, or the real, and have always failed in their endeavours, because of the outside relations of chemical phenomena: have failed in the sense that never has a chemical law, without exceptions, been discovered: because chemistry is continuous with astronomy, physics, biology, For instance, if the sun should greatly change its distance from this earth, and if human life could survive, the familiar chemic formulas would no longer work out: a new science of chemistry would have to be learned, Or that all attempts to find Truth in the special are attempts to find the universal in the local. And artists and their striving for positiveness, under the name of harmony, but their pigments that are oxidizing, or are responding to a deranging environment, or the strings of musical instruments that are differently and disturbingly adjusting to outside chemic and thermal and gravitational forces, again and again this oneness of all ideals, and that it is the attempt to be, or to achieve, locally, that which is realisable only universally. In our experience there is only immediateness to harmony and discord. Harmony is that besides which there are no outside forces. And nations that have fought with only one motive: for individuality, or entity, or to be real, final nations, not subordinate to, or parts of, other nations. And that nothing but intermediates has ever been attained, and that history is record of failures of this one attempt, because there always have been outside forces, or other nations contending for the same goal. As to physical things, chemic, mineralogical, astronomic, it is not customary to say that they act to achieve Truth or Entity, but it is understood that all motions are toward Equilibrium: that there is no motion except toward Equilibrium, of course always away from some other approximation to Equilibrium. All biologic phenomena act to adjust: there are no biologic actions other than adjustments. Adjustment is another name for Equilibrium. Equilibrium is the Universal, or that which has nothing external to derange it. But that all that we call "being" is motion: and that all motion is the expression, not of equilibrium, but of equilibrating, or of equilibrium unattained: that life-motions are expressions of equilibrium unattained: that all thought relates to the unattained: that to have what is called being in our quasi-state, is not to be in the positive sense, or is to be intermediate to Equilibrium and In-equilibrium. So then: That all phenomena in our intermediate state, or quasi-state, represent this one attempt to organise, stabilise, harmonise, individualise, or to positivize, or to become real: That only to have seeming is to express failure or immediateness to final failure and final success; That every attempt, that is observable, is defeated by Continuity, or by outside forces—or by the excluded that are continuous with the included, That our whole existence is an attempt by the relative to be the absolute, or by the local to be the universal. In this text my interest is in this attempt as manifested in modern science, That it has attempted to be real, true, final, complete, absolute: That, if the seeming of being, here, in our quasi-state, is the product of exclusion that is always false and arbitrary, if always are included and excluded continuous, the whole seeming system, or entity, of modern science is only quasi-system, or quasi-entity, wrought by the same false and arbitrary process as that by which the still less positive system that preceded it, or the theological system, wrought the illusion of its being.
In this text, I assemble some of the data that I think are of the falsely and arbitrarily excluded.
The data of the damned. I have gone into the outer darkness of scientific and philosophical transactions and proceedings, ultra-respectable, but covered with the dust of disregard. I have descended into journalism. I have come back with the quasi-souls of lost data. They will march. As to the logic of our expressions to come, That there is only quasi-logic in our mode of seeming:
That nothing ever has been proved, Because there is nothing to prove. When I say that there is nothing to prove, I mean that to those who accept Continuity, or the merging away of all phenomena into other phenomena, without positive demarcations one from another, there is, in a positive sense, no one thing. There is nothing to prove. For instance nothing can be proved to be an animal—because animalness and vegetableness are not positively different. There are some expressions of life that are as much vegetable as animal, or that represent the merging of animalness and vegetableness. There is then no positive test, standard, criterion, means of forming an opinion. As distinct from vegetables, animals do not exist. There is nothing to prove. Nothing could be proved to be good, for instance. There is nothing in our existence that is good, in a positive sense, or as really outlined from evil. If to forgive be good in times of peace, it is evil in wartime. There is nothing to prove: good in our experience is continuous with, or is only another aspect of evil. As to what I'm trying to do now—I accept only. If I can't see universally, I only localise. So, of course then, that nothing ever has been proved: That theological pronouncements are as much open to doubt as ever they were, but that, by a hypnotising process, they became dominant over the majority of minds in their era; That, in a succeeding era, the laws, dogmas, formulas, principles, of materialistic science never were proved, because they are only localisations simulating the universal; but that the leading minds of their era of dominance were hypnotised into more or less firmly believing them. Newton's three laws, and that they are attempts to achieve positiveness, or to defy and break Continuity, and are as unreal as are all other attempts to localise the universal: That, if every observable body is continuous, intermediately or immediately, with all other bodies, it cannot be influenced only by its own inertia, so that there is no way of knowing what the phenomena of inertia may be; that, if all things are reacting to an infinitude of forces, there is no way of knowing what the effects of only one impressed force would be; that if every reaction is continuous with its action, it cannot be conceived of as a whole, and that there is no way of conceiving what it might be equal and opposite to, Or that Newton's three laws are three articles of faith, Or that demons and angels and inertia's and reactions are all mythological characters; But that, in their eras of dominance, they were almost as firmly believed in as if they had been proved. Enormities and preposterousnesses will march. They will be proved as well as Moses or Darwin or Lyell ever proved anything. We substitute acceptance for belief. Cells of an embryo take on different appearances in different eras. The more firmly established, the more difficult to change.
That social organism is embryonic. That firmly to believe is to impede development. That only temporarily to accept is to facilitate. But: Except that we substitute acceptance for belief, our methods will be the conventional methods; the means by which every belief has been formulated and supported: or our methods will be the methods of theologians and savages and scientists and children. Because, if all phenomena are continuous, there can be no positively different methods. By the inconclusive means and methods of cardinals and fortune tellers and evolutionists and peasants, methods which must be inconclusive, if they relate always to the local, and if there is nothing local to conclude, we shall write this text. If it function as an expression of its era, it will prevail. All sciences begin with attempts to define. Nothing ever has been defined. Because there is nothing to define, Darwin wrote The Origin of Species. He was never able to tell what he meant by a species. It is not possible to define. Nothing has ever been finally found out. Because there is nothing final to find out. It's like looking for a needle that no one ever lost in a haystack that never was, But that all scientific attempts really to find out something, whereas really there is nothing to find out, are attempts, themselves, really to be something. A seeker of Truth. He will never find it. But the dimmest of possibilities—he may himself become Truth. Or that science is more than an inquiry: That it is a pseudo-construction, or a quasi-organisation: that it is an attempt to break away and locally establish harmony, stability, equilibrium, consistency, entity Dimmest of possibilities—that it may succeed. but we have always been a fan of underdogs and their propensity to succeed where others have failed, That ours is a pseudo-existence, and that all appearances in it partake of its essential fictitiousness, But that some appearances approximate far more highly to the positive state than do others.We conceive of all things as occupying gradations, or steps in series between positiveness and negativeness, or realness and un-realness: that some seeming things are more nearly consistent, just, beautiful, unified, individual, harmonious, stable—than others. We are not realists. We are not idealists. We are intermediatists—that nothing is real, but that nothing is unreal: that all phenomena are approximations one way or the other between realness and unrealness. So then, That our whole quasi-existence is an intermediate stage between positiveness and negativeness or realness and unrealness. Like purgatory, I think, But in our summing up, which was very sketchily done, we omitted to make clear that Realness is an aspect of the positive state. By Realness, I mean that which does not merge away into something else, and that which is not partly something else: that which, is not a reaction to, or an imitation of, something else. By a real hero, we mean one who is not partly a coward, or whose actions and motives do not merge away into cowardice. But, if in Continuity, all things do merge, by Realness, I mean the Universal, besides which there is nothing with which to merge. That, though the local might be universalised, it is not conceivable that the universal can be localized: but that high approximations there may be, and that these approximate successes may be translated out of Intermediateness into Realness quite as, in a relative sense, the industrial world recruits itself by translating out of unrealness, or out of the seemingly less real imaginings of inventors, machines which seem, when set up in factories, to have more of Realness than they had when only imagined. That all progress, if all progress is toward stability, organisation, harmony, consistency, or positiveness, is the attempt to become real. So, then, in general metaphysical terms, our expression is that, like a purgatory, all that is commonly called existence, which we call Intermediateness, is quasi-existence, neither real nor unreal, but expression of attempt to become real, or to generate for or recruit a real existence. Our acceptance is that Science, though usually thought of so specifically, or in its own local terms, usually supposed to be a prying into old bones, bugs, unsavoury messes, is an expression of this one spirit animating all Intermediateness: that, if Science could absolutely exclude all data but its own present data, or that which is assimilable with the present quasi-organisation, it would be a real system, with positively definite outlines—it would be real. Its seeming approximation to consistency, stability, system—positiveness or realness—is sustained by damning the irreconcilable or the unassimilable, All would be well, All would be heavenly, If the damned would only stay damned as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Ralo, Strada - Fabric (Thijs Haal Remix)

you know there have been many reports, of objects falling from the sky, rocks, fish, worms, cows, birds, jelly fish, blood, money, cobweb like, "fabric",eel's, frogs, One of the more devoted early chroniclers of strange aerial droppings was Charles Fort, who catalogued unexplained phenomena in his books, particularly The Book of the Damned. Fort was not necessarily interested in biblical damnation, so he didn’t view strange rain as evidence that God had cursed the earth and was preparing it for the end times. The damned, for Fort, constituted information about bizarre events that the scientific community had ignored. Today, we might use the word outlier to explain the kind of events that interested Fort. In any case, what fort documented was, for lack of a better term, some really strange sh*t, Knowledge of Charles Fort’s work may prepare you, for some of the items in this list, of unbelievable falling objects, but not all of them. For one thing, some of these incidents derive from technologies, (aircraft, powdered cream substitutes), nonexistent in Fort’s time. For another, no amount of preparation, should make anyone blase about, say meat descending from the heavens. Certainly many stories, of sky-falls are hoaxes, or products of misinformation. Some though, seem to be true. Here are a handful of the things,

Charles Fort recorded many reports of fish falling from the sky, from ancient times to the nineteenth century. Since then, enough stories of falling fish have circulated to ensure that a continuance of this Fortean obsession remains viable today. Fish rain is actually fairly common. In early August of this year, a man found sand eels (a kind of skinny fish) lying around in his back yard in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 2016 has also witnessed fish falling from the sky in Thailand, India, and Australia. How can fish drop from the sky? First of all, somehow they have to get up there. Weather scientists imagine that some kind of whirling wind, such as a waterspout or tornado, has sucked up sea or lake water and also picked up resident animals. The whirlwind moves away and carries everything up in the air, and when atmospheric conditions change, the wind loosens its grip and lets the water and its critters go. Another more prosaic theory acknowledges that sometimes the fish have been carried up by seabirds and then dropped. In 2015 in Alaska, for example, a rush on a thick school of lampreys by hungry birds caused an uproar when a few of the lampreys escaped the claws of their hunters and landed on the community Balls Of Blue Jelly
After a January 2012 hailstorm, Steve Hornsby of Dorset, England, found 3-centimetre-wide balls of blue jelly on his lawn. He collected some and took them to nearby Bournemouth University for analysis. Josie Pegg, an expert on fisheries, analysed some of the balls with a spectroscope and determined that the jelly was sodium polyacrylate.
Dead peeps
In June 2015, a dead guy landed on the roof of a business in a London suburb and lodged in the rooftop air-conditioning unit. The man did not have a parachute. Carlito Vale was a stowaway who hid with another man inside the landing gear of a British Airways craft that departed from South Africa and was preparing to land at Heathrow Airport.
Stowaways have fallen into London from air-plane undercarriages before. For example, an undercarriage stowaway on a flight from Angola toppled down on a London street in 2012. Enough incidents of this kind have occurred for the person who discovered Vale to guess correctly how the body got there. Stowaways in undercarriages can die in many ways. Landing gear can close on them after take off and crush them, or they can suffocate in the frigid, oxygen-less air during the high altitude portion of their flights, or else their bodies can be struck and dislodged by landing gear as their planes descend for touch down. Vale may also have been alive when he fell 1400 feet to the roof
Blood-red rain is different from actual blood falling from the sky. Meteorologists know what causes coloured rain. Wind has picked up coloured soil or micro-organisms and thrown the substance into the atmosphere, or volcanic ash from an active volcano has gone skyward. The coloured particles settle inside water droplets in the air, and the water droplets subsequently fall to earth as rain. Yellow, brown, black and red rains have fallen and freaked out people all over the world. Chemical analysis can isolate the nature of the coloured particles. For example, when a blood-red rain fell in November 2012 in Sri Lanka, analysis identified the particles as algae. Another such rain fell the year before in
Kerala, India. A report of actual blood falling from the sky, is another matter. A story has circulated about a 2008 rainfall in Bagadó, Chocó, Colombia, that a local bacteriologist, determined to be a rain of blood. I have my doubts about this one, but anything is possible, as the items on this list
should demonstrate.
Adult and juvenile frogs have rained down on the world for centuries, as Charles Fort reported. More recently, frogs cascaded upon a town in Serbia in 2005. Some of these frogs, which belonged to a species not normally found in the area, survived their transportation and hopped along on their way to their new lives. In 2009 citizens of Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan found dead tadpoles on car windshields and on the ground. Once again, waterspouts and wind seem the likely culprits, but meteorologists have not been able to confirm the actual cause of the tadpole rain, since weather conditions at the time did not seem amenable.
White Slime,
For centuries, people have reported finding globs of white or greenish-white slime on the ground or hanging from tree branches. The substance is often called “star jelly” because folklore associates the slime with meteor showers. Accounts and images of these jiggly blobs populate the Internet, and new spates of white slime sightings tends to increase the number of these accounts and images. Unfortunately, the substance disintegrates rapidly, making definitive identification difficult, but sometimes scientists gets their hands on samples. Depending on which scientist and which sample from which event, the white slime has been identified as a fungus or mold, as the innards of toxic frogs, as stag semen, and as extraterrestrial substances brought to earth by meteorites. Based on these options, I recommend not touching any white slime you may find lying around outside., but i can tell you exactly what that is, it is the result of a plane hitting a high altitude biological organism that only can be seen under certain wavelengths of light, and planes hit them they go splat, as their bodies are of a mainly jelly like substance, just like normal jelly fish,
In April 2015, worms fell out of the sky and landed in various parts of southern Norway. Karstein Erstad found some of the worms on snow while skiing near Bergen: the worms were alive too. Worm rain has been reported in Scotland in 2011 and Sweden in the 1920s. Charles Fort chronicles earlier examples of worm rain, such as the black grubs that fell during a snowstorm in Devonshire, England, in 1857

Many stories of falling cows are hoaxes. The usual iteration of the legend is that a cow fell on top of a Japanese fishing boat at sea. The cow had been inside a cargo air plane as illegal contraband and had been pushed out (or fallen out accidentally, depending on the version of the story) and landed on the boat. Hoax-smasher Snopes.comhas dealt with this story, if you are curious. From time to time, however, cows do unexpectedly crash down from above. In 2007, a cow fell off a cliff in Chelan County, Washington, and smashed into a minivan driven by a couple driving on the highway at the cliff’s base. The couple were not injured. In 2015, a cliff-walking cow in France slipped and fell on the hood of a car driving below, totalling the car and cow but missing the driver and passenger. Sadly, falling cows have actually killed people. In 2013, a man in Brazil died when a cow crashed through his roof in the middle of the night and landed on him in bed. In this case, the cow seems to have climbed onto the man’s roof. The cow and the man’s wife escaped injury. the man died as a result of his injuries from a full cow to the swede,
Golf Balls
Charles Fort did not record any golf ball rains. Only one rain of golf balls has been recorded, and that happened in Florida. According to The St. Petersburg Times, a brief rain of golf balls (not golf-ball-sized hail) descended upon the people of Punta Gorda on September 1, 1969. This could have happened. Enough golf courses with enough poor golfers and enough tempestuous weather could lead to such an eventuality. As it was, the American southeast experienced one of its most intense hurricane seasons ever in 1969, and the region is home to many golf courses. As well, this is Florida we’re talking about here. Lots of strange things happen in Florida. the result of a hurricane sucking, a water trap up, and depositing them when, the wind dropped,
If golf balls can fall from the sky, and if fish can fall from the sky, then why can’t a shark fall from the sky and land on a golf course? In 2012, a small leopard shark landed on the San Juan Hills Golf Club in southern California. Fortunately, it did not interrupt a game. Staff at the course acted quickly: they put the shark in a golf cart, dumped it into a bucket of salty water, and took it to the ocean. Once in the water, the shark shook off the shock and swam away to tell its unbelieving friends and family how it had spent its day. And no, a sharknado was not involved. The shark had puncture marks on its body, so possibly it, like many a falling object, had been picked up by a raptor or eagle
Spider rain has occurred an unpleasantly large number of times in the past and present. Recently, spiders have dropped down in Texas, Australia, and Brazil. Unlike most of the incidents on this list, the falling spiders are actually behaving normally. Remember Charlotte’s Web? The juveniles of some spider species spin out webs and parasail away in a passing breeze in order to spread their wings, so to speak, and start their adult lives. The number of spiders doing this at the same time makes a difference, of course. A man from Goulburn, Australia, who was caught in a May 2015 spider storm not only had to see the spider-lings creepily falling down and leaving their silky webs lying everywhere, but also had to pick out spiders from of his beard. errrgh gross, beards are disgusting lol
Frozen Human Waste
Yes, crapsicles and frozen pee occasionally falls from the sky and lands in the backyards and through the roofs of perfectly respectable people. The frozen waste comes from air-planes and their sometimes leaky storage containers. In fact, aeronautical types have come up with a name for it: blue ice. The blue comes from the disinfectant in the toilet water. The ice comes from the fact that when a liquid or near liquid leaves a high flying air-plane, the air temperature outside the air-plane is well below the freezing point. As a result, the faeces, urine, and storage liquid reach the ground very much frozen. Perhaps the frozen state is the best case scenario (easier to clean up), but the problem is that ice is hard. Early this year, a woman in India was seriously injured when a chunk of blue ice crashed through her roof and struck her shoulder
PuppiesTwo different stories about puppies falling from the sky in the US circulated in 2012. In one case, young Taylor was walking through the Bouchard family backyard in Los Banos, California, in May when he saw an injured puppy. Claw marks on the pup suggested that a bird of prey had been carrying it, but for some reason the bird had lost its grip. A few months later in Arizona, Aimee French saw an owl snatch one of her foster dog’s puppies and carry it off. At some point, the owl dropped little Sally Jo in an elderly neighbour's backyard. In both cases, the puppies escaped becoming birdy nom-noms to become, family pets instead. Taylor kept his puppy, which the family named TJ Heavenly.

On a clear day in March 1876, chunks of meat fell on the property of Allen Crouch in Olympia Springs, Bath County, Kentucky. The so-called Kentucky Meat Shower has continued to garnered attention from the scientific and pseudo-scientific communities ever since. Someone back in 1876 had the wherewithal to preserve a sample of the substance in a jar.
even random items like Non-Dairy Creamer
For many years, residents of Chester, South Carolina, had to contend with airborne non-dairy creamer. Food and chemical manufacturing conglomerate Borden Inc. owned and operated a factory in Chester that made Cremora, a powdered cream substitute for coffee. Sometimes the factory’s air vents malfunctioned and sent Cremora raining down on the town. In 1990, local health officials assured the people of Chester that the creamer was non-toxic, but toxicity was not actually the issue. When the expelled white dust mixed with dew or rainwater, the creamer solidified into a thick crust wherever it lay–sidewalks, siding, windshields. In 1991, Borden paid a $4000 fine for allowing its product to stray outside its factories, which was paid to the government surprise surprise surprise, what about the peeps who had to breath all those nano particles in, and ended up with respiratory diseases, but sure just pay the faceless entity that is government, that is a disgraceful thing to do and a crappy way to conduct any business as, standardz, hahahaha, :( #edio

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or will you be, "feeling high", up in the crows nest as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

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will you be, my buccaneer crew, and serve before the, "mastil", (mast), or will ye', walk the plank as., standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

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Sean Collier - The People

you know, it is only a matter of time before, "the people", of the world free themselves, they will only take so much, before they, remove the ones, causing the problems as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Jesse Rose - Love The Feeling High feat. Ed Weathers (Mathias Kaden's Ca...

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Boris Werner & Lauhaus -- Matchmaker

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i bet the crews of the ferry's, can see the difference in the sky, as they leave the harbour's and blow the, "zurihorn", (Zurich horn, Zürichhorn is a river delta on Zürichsee's eastern shore in the lower basin of the lake. The area is part of the parks and quays in the Seefeld quarter of the city of Zürich in Switzerland), in the fog banks as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

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you know, all this sea of grey, it's all man made, you can tell by the sky at first light, when the first rays, strike the Earth in all it's, "morning glory", I've been telling you for years, it's part of an ongoing plan, by world government, (lol means all governments, are just puppets), to tackle the other man made issue of climate change by lowering the planets temperature by .3 degrees over 10 years they are trying to take is a step further, i wouldst mind if it were used for noble purposes like bringing water to drought regions, or dissipation of hurricanes and tornadoes, (which they are quite capable of doing btw), did you ever stop and wonder why, america has so many, its not because they are naturally occurring, due to land mass as, other large landmasses dont have them, not in the frequency that are present there, they have been testing their weather weapons, on home ground as they don't want to risk getting caught on a global scale, they don't care about the lives of the people, they want to see damage so they can work out how much overall collateral damage can be done, you see the the powers that be around the globe have some very dark weapons like the Russian *dead hand*, a constant flow of data is being streamed to device, somewhere in Russia, and if Russia gets attacked on the nuke scale, and no more signals get through, (i.e source destroyed), then full armed response, from all nuclear stockpiles are launched, and hidden nuclear devices, scattered at key military and government facilities around the world, in suitcase type deals, well more like shipping crate, or containers, (overkill), are triggered, they have lots of evil weapons all governments are guilty, of crimes against humanity, life and the world, and some even crimes against, off world colonies, territories and moons, meteors, comets and other non descriptive, bits of rock, you know, i could sit and add all the links, to all the info, you would need, to make a assessment of the truth, but i would sooner you, come to the truth, in your own time as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

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ammmmmmmmmm back, mo fo's, with a little pre-flight entertainment, so if you would like to make your way, to the v.i.p lounge, and we can get out off this, basement in the car park, and begin with the drums, and go from, "bang low", to boom high, so onward's to the summit as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio