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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Jaime Soeiro, Groovethentic - Owners (Original Mix)

i suppose doing what i do, does give me certain advantages, like being, "owners", of your own daily destiny, i dont have deadlines, i dont have to do any of it, but i do, do it, because i'm in it, for the love of the music, and the peep's as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Hc Kurtz - Warm Inside (Original Mix)

when you get roped into helping, because your a genius, with a grinder, all so i can feel, "warm inside", normally i like to help, but this was a bit of a cheesy job as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Shaun Moses - Re-function (Original Mix)

you know if i had control of their budget, i would totally, "re-function", (re-purpose  it), or scrap the dinosaur tech, and bring out the em drives, and the ionic lifting tech, The Biefeld-Brown is a fascinating effect with which levitation can be reached, without moving or rotating elements. Static voltage, is applied between asymmetric electrodes, and a force towards the small electrode, is generated. all powered by a s.e.g (searl effect generator, man was a genius), The Searl Effect Generator (SEG) functions along the principles of a linear induction motor (LIM), but designed around a circular track for continuous motion of movable rotors. It is a magnetic prime mover of electromagnetic multi-phased cylindrical rollers over fixed stator rings and free of any mechanical wear or friction. The SEG’s stators and rollers are magnetic components uniquely magnetised or imprinted with matching magnetic pole patterns. While the neodymium layer serves as a source or reservoir of electron charges that are drawn out by electromagnetic induction. These redial currents though the rollers makes for mechanical motion at right angles to both the electric and magnetic fields. The SEG configuration of rollers in motion, cuts through the magnetic flux with a unique cycloid pattern that is superimposed over an orbit around the circumference of the stator. In this manner, each roller can also induce eddy currents of mutual induction between the copper surfaces to form a friction-less ‘magnetic bearing’ as it generates radial electrical potentials. Friction-less operation enables the SEG to operate without physical wear and thus enabling it to operate with a service expectancy of a lifetime.(meaning forever), zero pollution, zero waste output, and minimal waste from manufacture, which can be powered by a s.e.g after the first one is made, so will be carbon negative as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Adrian Oblanca, F.Gazza, Juan de la Higuera - Catharsis (Original Mix)

i wouldn't mind, there making it much harder, than it need to be, they improve the engine, and all the other components, but they fail, to do anything about their destructive methods utilising explosion technology, and out dated fossil fuels, they still use wail oil in satellites, real advancement doesnt require the deaths, of innocent creatures to make it work, sounds crazy right?, be enlightened Whale oil has been used, as an ingredient in soap, explosives, and even margarine. Has it also been a vital ingredient is space exploration, Shortly after the Hubble Space Telescope was placed in orbit, in 1990, it beamed its first image,s back to Earth. Astronomers expected crystal-clear photographs, of galaxies, free of interference from Earth’s atmosphere, but instead they got blurry, distorted images. Hubble’s primary mirror, used to focus its lens, was flawed. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first service mission to repair Hubble’s misshapen mirror. Although astronauts quickly corrected for the mirror’s failings, the mistake drew ridicule and triggered a political controversy over the wisdom of spending millions on a flawed program. In 2010 Hubble was again the source of controversy, this time of a very different kind. On April 25, 2010, the History Channel aired the first episode of its newest miniseries, America: The Story of Us, which was watched by nearly 5.7 million people. The miniseries chronicled the history of the United States from its revolutionary origins to the events of September 11, 2001. But one quote in particular caught the viewers’ imagination. In episode 4 the narrator says, Even today, whale oil is used by NASA. The Hubble Space Telescope runs on it.Whale oil has been banned in the United States since 1972. Why would NASA still use such a primitive and now taboo substance?, and why are they allowed to flaunt the laws of the Earth?,during the Cold War the United States formed the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to design satellites to spy on the Soviet Union. One such satellite program was called Corona. Kupperberg claims that in 1961 whale oil was used to lubricate a Corona satellite’s delicate camera shutters, which had trouble operating in zero gravity, Speculation about the use of whale oil in NASA’s machines had spread far enough by the late 1990s that the organisation's historians conducted a large-scale internal inquiry. At the time, most speculation focused on whale oil use in space shuttles, not in the Hubble telescope. Bill Barry, NASA’s chief historian, recalls that researchers traced the whale-oil rumours back to Nye Lubricants. the Hubble space telescope is wheeling around the earth on spermaceti (oil obtained from whales), it's disgusting attitude you have nasa, no wonder the world's, don't like you, you probably need to squeeze a square mile of bubble wrap to give you some, "Catharsis", (the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions), and as we areo n the subject, do you know how many scientists and researchers, have mysteriously been killed in freak accidents, since the beginning of the s.d.i programs (working for nasa), too many!!, and then there are others too, nasa you suck as, standardz, hahahahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Rato , Light Breath – Booster (Original Mix)

did you know there is a new, "booster", being transported, for the Orion craft, that is gong to go behind the moon with its 13 secondary payloads, and then some bombs, they're going to deploy cube sats, and then bomb the darkside of the moon The RS-25 rocket engine for NASA's future megarocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), was test-fired for about 8.5 minutes yesterday (July 25). The test, the third in a row for NASA, occurred at the agency's Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. and has been releasing hundreds of thousands of tons of highly toxic materials into the atmsphere some of which are
Zinc–sulfur (ZS) propellants
Composed of powdered zinc metal and powdered sulfur (oxidizer), ZS or "micrograin" is another pressed propellant that does not find any practical application outside specialized amateur rocketry circles due to its poor performance (as most ZS burns outside the combustion chamber) and fast linear burn rates on the order of 2 m/s. ZS is most often employed as a novelty propellant as the rocket accelerates extremely quickly leaving a spectacular large orange fireball behind it. Candy propellants
In general, rocket candy propellants are an oxidizer (typically potassium nitrate) and a sugar fuel (typically dextrose, sorbitol, or sucrose) that are cast into shape by gently melting the propellant constituents together and pouring or packing the amorphous colloid into a mold. Candy propellants generate a low-medium specific impulse of roughly 130 s and, thus, are used primarily by amateur and experimental rocketeers.
Double-base (DB) propellants
DB propellants are composed of two monopropellant fuel components where one typically acts as a high-energy (yet unstable) monopropellant and the other acts as a lower-energy stabilizing (and gelling) monopropellant. In typical circumstances, nitroglycerin is dissolved in a nitrocellulose gel and solidified with additives. DB propellants are implemented in applications where minimal smoke is required yet medium-high performance (Isp of roughly 235 s) is required. The addition of metal fuels (such as aluminium) can increase the performance (around 250 s), though metal oxide nucleation in the exhaust can turn the smoke opaque.
Composite propellants
A powdered oxidizer and powdered metal fuel are intimately mixed and immobilized with a rubbery binder (that also acts as a fuel). Composite propellants are often either ammonium nitrate-based (ANCP) or ammonium perchlorate-based (APCP). Ammonium nitrate composite propellant often uses magnesium and/or aluminium as fuel and delivers medium performance (Isp of about 210 s) whereas Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant often uses aluminium fuel and delivers high performance (vacuum Isp up to 296 s with a single piece nozzle or 304 s with a high area ratio telescoping nozzle).[9] Aluminium is used as fuel because it has a reasonable specific energy density, a high volumetric energy density, and is difficult to ignite accidentally. Composite propellants are cast, and retain their shape after the rubber binder, such as Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), cross-links (solidifies) with the aid of a curative additive. Because of its high performance, moderate ease of manufacturing, and moderate cost, APCP finds widespread use in space rockets, military rockets, hobby and amateur rockets, whereas cheaper and less efficient ANCP finds use in amateur rocketry and gas generators. Ammonium dinitramide, NH4N(NO2)2, is being considered as a 1-to-1 chlorine-free substitute for ammonium perchlorate in composite propellants. Unlike ammonium nitrate, ADN can be substituted for AP without a loss in motor performance.
Polyurethane-bound aluminium-APCP solid fuel was used in the submarine launched Polaris missiles.[17] APCP used in the space shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters consisted of ammonium perchlorate (oxidizer, 69.6% by weight), aluminium (fuel, 16%), iron oxide (a catalyst, 0.4%), polybutadiene acrylonitrile (PBAN) polymer (a non-urethane rubber binder that held the mixture together and acted as secondary fuel, 12.04%), and an epoxy curing agent (1.96%).[18][19] It developed a specific impulse of 242 seconds (2.37 km/s) at sea level or 268 seconds (2.63 km/s) in a vacuum. The 2005-2009 Constellation Program was to use a similar PBAN-bound APCP.[20]
In 2009, a group succeeded in creating a propellant of water and nanoaluminium (ALICE).
High-energy composite (HEC) propellants
Typical HEC propellants start with a standard composite propellant mixture (such as APCP) and add a high-energy explosive to the mix. This extra component usually is in the form of small crystals of RDX or HMX, both of which have higher energy than ammonium perchlorate. Despite a modest increase in specific impulse, implementation is limited due to the increased hazards of the high-explosive additives.
Composite modified double base propellants
Composite modified double base propellants start with a nitrocellulose/nitroglycerin double base propellant as a binder and add solids (typically ammonium perchlorate (AP) and powdered aluminium) normally used in composite propellants. The ammonium perchlorate makes up the oxygen deficit introduced by using nitrocellulose, improving the overall specific impulse. The aluminium improves specific impulse as well as combustion stability. High performing propellants such as NEPE-75 used to fuel the Trident II D-5, SLBMreplace most of the AP with polyethylene glycol-bound HMX, further increasing specific impulse. The mixing of composite and double base propellant ingredients has become so common as to blur the functional definition of double base propellants.
Minimum-signature (smokeless) propellants
One of the most active areas of solid propellant research is the development of high-energy, minimum-signature propellant using C6H6N6(NO2)6 CL-20 nitroamine (China Lakecompound #20), which has 14% higher energy per mass and 20% higher energy density than HMX. The new propellant has been successfully developed and tested in tactical rocket motors. The propellant is non-polluting: acid-free, solid particulates-free, and lead-free. It is also smokeless and has only a faint shock diamond pattern that is visible in the otherwise transparent exhaust. Without the bright flame and dense smoke trail produced by the burning of aluminized propellants, these smokeless propellants all but eliminate the risk of giving away the positions from which the missiles are fired. The new CL-20 propellant is shock-insensitive (hazard class 1.3) as opposed to current HMX smokeless propellants which are highly detonate (hazard class 1.1). CL-20 is considered a major breakthrough in solid rocket propellant technology but has yet to see widespread use because costs remain high
not to mention all the aluminium and barium and all the other nasty stuff that they have been dumping without a thought for others or the environment, and as such are destroying the air we breathe and they need to be held accountable for their actions especially when there are less toxic and less poluting methods of getting in to space as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

De La Swing - Playground (Original Mix) [20/20 Editions]

you can tell, whenever i'm around, just by listening, to the sound of the crowd, i make them go metal, then they get loud, like there was, a dog in the, "playground", and thats before i start, with out making, a sound as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize (Mistrix Dub)

when you say, baby, baby, baby, can't you see, Sometimes your words just, "hypnotize", (hypnotise), me and I just love, your flashy ways, Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

AFXS - Emotion (Drastic Duo Remix)

beside's my luck with the cards, is more than average, and my bluff is perfect, it shows no, "emotion", at all, so you can't read, my poker face as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Italobros - 21 (Original Mix)

you know, i don't do random chance like vault, "21", (a Vault-Tec vault that was once hidden under Las Vegas, Nevada. It has since been converted into a hotel/casino and acts as one of many sources of income for Mr. House and his young New Vegas empire), Located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, within fallout, Vault 21 was a unique Vault experiment: everyone in the vault was equal, it was created with a perfectly symmetrical layout, and the dwellers settled their differences, via games of chance. Reliance on luck to solve problems, created what might be considered, the perfect realisation of anarchy, a society in which everyone is equal, and no one has an advantage over the others. Vault-Tec ensured that every person admitted to the vault when it first sealed was a compulsive gambler and were unable to decline, when Vault-Tec personnel, running the vault informed them, that this was how the vault was to be run. The original dwellers, then passed on their lifestyle to their children, and so on., However, as with all utopias, the peace was not lasting. Sometime between 2271 and 2281, Robert House, planned an occupation of Vault 21. Resisting attempts to be assimilated, into his empire, the inhabitants agreed on gambling, to settle the issue. The game they played to settle the deal, was blackjack, and almost the entire vault, was in attendance. In a risky bet, the supporters of House, won against the opposition, and Vault 21's interior, was stripped of its useful electronics, and equipment and partially filled in with concrete, forcing the dwellers to resettle in the wasteland and on the Strip. At Sarah Weintraub's and Michael Angelo's (a.k.a. Sheldon Weintraub) insistence, House left the topmost level intact, and allowed the Weintraubs to establish a hotel there, which became another source of income, for his fledgling empire. Vault 21 is one of the extremely rare, experimental vaults which successfully protected its inhabitants, while fulfilling the parameters of its experiment. The experiments in most other Vault-Tec vaults, ended up killing or permanently altering their inhabitants, or forced the dwellers to abandon. Although Vault 3, was a control vault, intended to recolonise the surface, after an extended period of time, when its door was opened, the Fiends slaughtered its residents, and took over. sound's like the something that the monsters, of the real world would do as, standardz, hahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Jey Kurmis - Mcassey (Original Mix) [ON IT Recordings]

you know i've got what it takes, to go all the way like, "Mcassey", (Tom Mcassey took his record to 2-0 with a points win, over Andy Hardy at the Octagon Centre, Sheffield), i'll drop the beas like i was landing blows as, standardz, hahahahah, :) #edio

Jey Kurmis - Burchell (Original Mix)

you know, i like to think of myself .,as a musical explorer a bit like, "Burchell", (William John Burchell, is regarded as one of the greatest, of the early African explorers. He was an accomplished naturalist, who amassed vast natural history collections, and described many new species. His achievements, were not fully recognised by his contemporaries, and he became a solitary and unhappy figure in later life, why he felt the need for approval, from the academics, of the time we will never know, if only he gave less fuck's), and every day, is a whole new voyage to discovery, and we leave the course, to uni, she always sends us, where we need to be as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Josh Butler, Marck Jamz - Horizon feat. Marck Jamz (Original Mix) [Defec...

well i must say, my new chair, is comfy A.F, and my new desk and setup is mint, i feel like i can, drift over the, "horizon", in comfort as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Limited Edition: M.A.N.D.Y. - Rabbit Mountain (Gerd Janson Remix) 12" (V...

the new drop's, are a bit like a, "rabbit mountain", they just keep on multiplying as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Piem - Rude (Raffa FL Remix) [Underground Audio]

you know, there is no excuse for being, "rude", towards peep's as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Brian Cid - Luminous Black (Original Mix)

the shadow, hung in the air like, "luminous black", liquid night, and the gentle thrumming of machinery, was heard from close by as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Brian Cid - Luminous Black (Original Mix)

the shadow, hung in the air like, "luminous black", liquid night, and the gentle thrumming of machinery, was heard from close by as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Sergio Marthinez - Targaryen (Rone White Remix) [Dul Recordings]

Like their dragons the, "Targaryens", answered to neither gods nor men. like my internet connection, i better get fully seated, and re-positioned, for maximum signal as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Felipe Cobos - Treviundo (Original Mix) [NOEXCUSE Limited]

you know, i'll always be here to, "Treviundo", (follow up), the rhythm and bass, with the loolz as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Joshua Alòs - Odyssey

ammmmm back mo fo's, for another, epic journey, in the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass!!, and i'm ready to begin the ascent, and climb Mount New Drop and complete another day's task, in our musical, "odyssey", so sit back, plug in, turn up, do whatever it is, you have to do!!, to enjoy the music!, that much more!, Control this is, flight 420 requesting, go no/go!, on primary?, this is control, permission to get l.a.f, and go for, full blaze!!, you better, strap yourself in, quick time!, because we, have a launch in progress, in t - minus 10 seconds and counting down, hope your ready!,........ 5.......4.......3.......2.......1.......0 power to all drive's, crank up the phonic reactor, engage harmonic reinforcement, increase the warp bubble, charge barium crystal capacitor's, activate inertial dampening field, navigation on-line, and retract the umbilical, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, and we, are away as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Max Chapman - Ghetto Beats (Truth Be Told Remix) [Twisted Fusion]

well peep's, i would love to sit, and post, "ghetto beats", all day long, but i have to make, prep's for launch a.s.a.p, and g.t.f.o as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

TECHNO: HOSH with Pig&Dan - Atlantis Is Not A Fairy Tale [Fryhide]

you know peep's, "Atlantis is not a myth", or any of the following, we should not immediately discount oral mythology, many ancient texts and verses such as the Mahabharata hold secrets and details and should be treated as technical diagrams and schematics, not a work of religious fiction, there are many such things that are dismissed because they have been portrayed in the media to be a joke or conspiracy nut territory, but behind closed doors they take it, very seriously, the following places must have some truth to them in reality or oral tradition would not have been kept,
Arcadia (utopia) A vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature, derived from the Greek province of the same name which dates to antiquity.
Agartha A legendary city at the Earth's core.
Alfheim Land of elves in Norse mythology.
Annwn The "other-world" of Welsh mythology.
Asgard The high placed city of the gods, built by Odin, chief god of the Norse pantheon.
Asphodel Meadows In Greek mythology, the section of the underworld where ordinary souls were sent to live after death.
Atlantis The legendary (and almost archetypal) lost continent that was supposed to have sunk into the Atlantic Ocean.
Avalon Legendary Island of Apples, believed by some to be the final resting place of King Arthur.
Axis Mundi The centre of the world or the connection between Heaven and Earth in various religions and mythologies.
Ayotha Amirtha Gangai An important river in Ayyavazhi mythology.
Aztlán Legendary original homeland of the Mexica people in Mexica/Aztec mythology.
Baltia An island of amber somewhere in northern Europe.
Barzakh A spiritual world starting at a death of a person until the judgment day [the life of grave] in Islamic eschatology.
Biarmaland A geographical area around the White Sea in the northern part of (European) Russia, referred to in Norse sagas.
Brahmapura The abode of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation.
Brasil or Hy-Brasil A mythical island to the west of Ireland.
Brittia A mythical island off the coast of Austrasia.
Camelot The city in which King Arthur reigned.
City of the Caesars A city between a mountain of gold and another of diamonds supposed to be situated in Patagonia.
Cloud cuckoo land A perfect city between the clouds in the play The Birds by Aristophanes.
Cockaigne In medieval mythology, it is a land of plenty where want does not exist.
Diyu the realm of the dead or hell in Chinese mythology
Dinas Affaraon/Ffaraon Legendary home to a branch of the Druids called the Pheryllt, who worked as metallurgists and alchemists. Also known as “The City of Higher Powers,” or the “Ambrosial City”, its rumoured location is Snowdonia and is said to be the original placename of Dinas Emrys.
El Dorado Rumoured city of gold in South America. [1]
Elysian Fields In Greek mythology, the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous.
Feather Mountain One of many important mythological mountains in Chinese mythology, particularly associated with the Great Flood.
Gorias, Finias, Murias, and Falias In Irish Mythology the Tuatha Dé Danann get their four magical treasures from four legendary cities: Gorias in the east; Finias, in the south; Murias in the west; and Falias in the north.
Garden of the Hesperides In Greek mythology, the sacred garden of Hera from where the gods got their immortality.
Garden of Eden The garden of God, described in the Book of Genesis.
Hawaiki The ancestral island of the Polynesians, particularly the Māori.
Heaven The realm in Abrahamic religions, in which pious people who have died continue to exist in an afterlife.
Hel(heimr) Underworld in Norse mythology
Hell The underworld in Abrahamic religions, in which evil or unrepentant people are punished after death.
Hyperborea A land to the north in Greek mythology.
Irkalla The underworld from which there is no return in Babylonian mythology.
Islands of the Blessed In Greek mythology, a paradise reserved for the souls of the great heroes.
Jotunheim Land of the giants in Norse mythology. [2]
Kingdom of Reynes A country mentioned in the Middle English romance King Horn.
Kingdom of Saguenay According to the French, an Iroquoian story of a kingdom of blonde men rich in gold and fur that existed in northern Canada prior to French colonization.
Kolob An astronomical body (star or planet) said to be near the throne of God in Mormon cosmology.
Kunlun Mountain A place where immortals lived according to Chinese mythology.
Kvenland A geographical area referred to in several medieval texts as well as in Norse sagas. The exact location of Kvenland is unknown, though, with several competing theories placing it in either the northern part of the Scandinavian peninsula or the southwestern part of what is now Finland.
Kyöpelinvuori (Finnish for ghosts' mountain), in Finnish mythology, is the place which dead women haunt.
La Ciudad Blanca "The White city", a legendary city of Honduras
Laestrygon Home to a tribe of giant cannibals that Odysseus encountered on his way back home from the Trojan War.
Lake Parime An enormous lake in northeastern South America, supposedly the site of El Dorado
Lemuria A hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
Lyonesse A country in Arthurian legend, which is said to border Cornwall in England.
Mag Mell or Tir na nÓg The after world of Irish mythology.
Meropis A gigantic island created purely as a parody of Plato's Atlantis.
Mictlan The after world of the Mexica.
Mount Olympus In Greek mythology the mountain is referred to as "home of the gods", specifically the Twelve Olympians. [3]
Mount Penglai A legendary mountain in Chinese mythology, said to be situated on an island in the Bohai sea, home to Taoist immortals.
Mu A hypothetical continent that allegedly disappeared at the dawn of human history.
Muspelheim Land of fire in Norse mythology.
Nibiru A mythological planet described by the Babylonians.
Niflheim World of cold in Norse mythology.
Niflhel Cold underworld in Norse mythology.
Norumbega A legendary settlement in northeastern North America, connected with attempts to demonstrate Viking incursions in New England.
Nysa A beautiful valley full of nymphs in Greek mythology.
Paititi A legendary Inca lost city or Utopian rich land said to lie east of the Andes.
Pandæmonium The capital of Hell in John Milton's Paradise Lost
Purgatory In some Abrahamic religions, a place where impure souls of those who die are made ready for Heaven.
Quivira and Cíbola Two of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold supposed by Spanish conquistadors to have existed in the Americas.
Scholomance A legendary school of black magic run by the Devil himself, located in Hermannstadt (now: Sibiu, Romania). Located in the mountains, south of the city Sibiu, near an unnamed lake.
Sierra de la Plata (Spanish: Silver Mountains), was a legendary treasury of silver that was believed to be located in South America.
Shambhala In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a kingdom hidden somewhere in the Himalayas; Theosophists regard it as the home on the etheric plane of the governing deity of our planet Sanat Kumara.
Shangri-La A mystical, harmonious valley enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains.
Sodom and Gomorrah Cities mentioned in the Bible which were destroyed by God because their people did not obey him.
Suddene A country found in the Middle English romance King Horn.
Summerland The name given by Theosophists, Wiccans and some earth-based contemporary pagan religions to their conceptualisation of an (mostly pastoral) afterlife.
Svartálfaheimr The land of the Dark Elves in Norse mythology.
Tartarus in Greek mythology, a pit in the underworld for condemned souls.
Takama-ga-hara The dwelling place of the Shinto kami.
Themiscyra the capital city of the Amazons in Greek mythology.
Thule An island somewhere in the belt of Scandinavia, northern Great Britain, Iceland, and Greenland.
Thuvaraiyam Pathi In Ayyavazhi mythology, it was a sunken island some 150 miles off the south coast of India.
Valhalla (from Old Norse Valhöll "hall of the slain") is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin.
Westernesse A country found in the Middle English romance King Horn.
Xibalba The underworld in Mayan mythology.
Yomi The land of the dead according to Shinto mythology, as related in the Kojiki.
Ys A city located in Brittany, France that was supposedly built below sea level, and destroyed when the Devil destroyed the dam protecting it.
Zerzura Saharan city known as the "oasis of little birds" rumored to be full of treasure.
Zion A place name often used as a metaphor for Jerusalem, and Olam Haba ("the After world", ״העולם הבא״).
these places and things, deserve closer examination, from a open minded, unbiased opinion as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

TECH-HOUSE: Sean Miller - Solstice [Ovum]

you know peep's, Since the earliest civilisations of mankind, people have made sense, of the world about them by creating stories, and drawings to explain the complex, and often frightening occurrences in their lives. Using available knowledge and experience, tales were woven around the familiar, and the unusual to explain these events, and in the absence of understanding the physical world. Astronomy has more than its fair share of myths, and legends as early people struggled to understand, the movements of the planets and stars, the effects of the Sun and the Moon, and the changes in seasons. In addition, occasional and frightening events, such as an eclipse or meteor showers, would create fear and panic, and led to many beliefs of the foretelling of doom or disaster.

In all our nature the Sun is perhaps the most prominent object in myths and legends all around the world and throughout time. The importance of the rhythms of light and dark and warmth and cold were recognised, although not understood, by earliest man. Our very survival depends on the Sun and as far as man could see, the Sun comes and goes either bringing or taking away its life-giving resources. Ancient man noticed that the Sun did not rise and set in the same place nor rise as high in the sky in winter. With no understanding of the movement of the Earth, explanations centred around the Sun moving around our world seeming to come and go. We can understand how the light became a symbol for goodness, life, positivity and dark became, a symbol for fear, death and evil.
Sun gods can be found throughout history in every corner of the globe and in the more northern countries the effects of the lightness and darkness were so profound that there was real fear in upsetting the sun god. To early civilisations it was hugely important to please the Sun, to provide gifts, to honour and to revere. Nothing must be done to upset the Sun as if displeased it could go forever.
Those observing the changes of the seasons realised that there was a point of change in mid-winter and mid-summer and they explained it by the sun stopping and changing direction from travelling south to north. The word solstice comes from the Latin to mean the sun standing still. It was at these two mid points in the year that the Sun appeared to stop for a few days and they became the most important festivals of pleasing the sun god to make sure it carried on with its journey.
Winter brings the frozen earth, dying crops, short days and long, dark cold nights. Little thrives in the winter months and survival was hard in northern countries of Europe. The winter, "solstice", became the most important time of the year as people created elaborate rituals to ensure that the Sun would return and bring back the warmth necessary to maintain life. The long, dark night of the winter solstice, the turning point of the Sun’s journey, was seen as the moment the light was reborn and the new year began and came to symbolise, birth, death and rebirth. Perhaps the most prominent legend to have survived is that of the Norse Goddess Frigga. Frigga gave birth to her son ‘the young sun’ Baldur. This was symbolised as giving birth to the light in darkness and in Northern Europe the longest night is also known as the Mothers night. Throughout the world gods and goddesses of light were born during the winter solstice bringing hope and a promise of the return of the warmth and light of the Sun in the New Year. Horas was born to Egyptian goddess Isis, Mithras the unconquered Sun of Persia and Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess were born and the birth of Lucia goddess of light is celebrated across Europe at this time. Hestia or Roman goddess Vesta, doused and then relight the hearth fires and in Scotland Wish Night is when wishes are at their most powerful time in the year. On the night of the solstice Rhiannon the Celtic Mare goddess rides through the dreams of the people, helping to make their dreams come true. By understanding the harshness of the lives of ancient people in Northern Europe, we can begin to understand the importance and enduring nature of the myths and legends surrounding the winter solstice all myths have a grain of truth to them no matter how bonkers it may sound as, stabndardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Henrik Schwarz - Take Words In Return (Jimi Jules Remix)

when they ask for a tip, for just doing their job, and get paid to do, i wonder if it's acceptable to, "take words in return", for cash to pay my bill's?, i'm more than happy, (pmsl), to let them pay me, to talk to me,, but i don't think they, will go for it as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

David Zor - Hear That Kick (Original Mix)

well peep's, sorry about the false start, i had to assemble a chair, you know man, has got to be comfy, if i'm doing this, as much as i am, 5+yrs  sat in the lotus, but i'm getting a muscle spasm, from the r.s.i from clicking too much, on the internet, and i was putting my weight, on that arm too, not good for the posture, but now i have a new desk, and chair, to sit at so yeaaaaaah, all systems are go, time to, "hear that kick", of the beat as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Laroze - What About Me

you know, i don't forget about the peep's, your always on my mind, all of you, and how i can get you, to listen and wake up, i could just drop like it's hot, and drop some next level info, that will make your mind, do a flip and blow a funny fuse, but theres just one question, "what about me"?, are you going to freak out, when i tell you, and try to shoot the messenger, (metaphorically), because of cognitive dissonance?, you see, i know quite a lot of stuff, and there is, no point knowing, all this stuff, if you hoard he information, to yourselves, and as a species, we are not yet immortal, so the information you gather, is lost with you, don't be stupid, be a family and a hero to your species, and the planet, don't be a miser, look at scrooge it's a perfect literary example, but instead of knowledge he had cash, it happens all the time even in the *real world*, people spend their entire lives, chasing after greed, and in the end, when they are dying, on their death bed's, full of fear, for the acts they have committed and on their own, with no real friends, or family for comfort, then they wish with all their hearts, and minds, and beg and plead for just one more chance, to make it right, well i say, make it right now!!, while it still counts, and while we can, I've seen that movie, i know how it ends as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio,

Revlow - At The Spot (Original Mix) [In The Loop]

ammmmmmm, back mo fo's, with a little, pre-flight entertainment, so if you, would, like to make, your way to the, V.I.P, lounge, while i go, complete the flight checks, and seeing s we are, "at the spot", and still waiting for fb to load a page, (old stuff), we are going straight to the Mountain, as it is taking an eternity to load, my fb page, yet my blog loads rapid's as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Miro - Spaceman (Mr Sam & Marko's 'Definition Of Weird Minds' Remix) [Tr...

you knew, i had to give you, one more right?, and now it's time for me, to become a, "space man", as i go, up and out, to the place, where the dreams are made, second star to the right, and straight on, 'till morning, and with that, I AM out as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

end transmission :) #peace