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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Enrico Sangiuliano - New Dawn - Drumcode - DC190 [IV - Two Probabilities]

you know, its kinda strange looking it has a weird shape to it, kinda  like an eye, three circles one within another, it doesnt hurt just burns, then stops when i run water over it, but i may have inadvertently boosted its viral efficacy with a steroid cream, or it could just be as a result of my kick ass immune system fighting the infection, either way its defo a trip upon the braking of the, "New Dawn", to see the doctor as, standardz, hahahahahahahahaha, :) #edio
also i have a YouTube page, it has a copy of all my latest tracks 5000+ just go to liked video's, and hit play all, and then you won't have to keep pressing play, but unfortunately you wont get to read what i write, but you will get access, to a constant stream of tracks,

Enrico Sangiuliano - Multicellular - Drumcode - DC190 [I - Organisms]

ammmmm back mo fo's, for another epic journey, in the unknown realms of rhythm and bass!!, and you know, i want to start with an apology for yesterday, but there are some extenuating circumstances, namely that 10 days ago i woke with a feeling of burning on my arm, and it felt as hot as the surface of the sun, now i can only think of 2 possibilities for this, "Multicellular", (Multi-cellular), two stage fuckery, as there is still a huge mark on my arm, in what appears to be a circular shape, with no apparent cause or clues, so i must assume its either a radioactive spider bite or I've been tagged by aliens, either way I'm hoping to get my super powers any day now, lol, and i was so ill last night i couldn't even see straight to continue, but i feel better today, its not much but i can see so I'll take it!, its either get busy with the groove, or gnaw my own arm off, and I've already eaten, So sit back, plug in, turn up, do whatever it is, you have to do!!, to enjoy the music!, that much more!, Control this is, flight 420 requesting, go no/go!, on primary?, this is control, permission to get, L.A.F, and go for, full blaze!!, you better, strap yourself in, quick time!, because we, have a launch in progress, in t - minus 10 seconds and counting down, hope your ready!,........ 5.......4.......3.......2.......1.......0 power to all drive's, crank up the phonic reactor, engage harmonic reinforcement, increase the warp, bubble, charge barium crystal capacitor's, activate inertial dampening field, navigation on-line, and retract the umbilical, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, and we, are away!, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio