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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Tavo Under - I Made New Friends (Original Mix)

so as you can tell, me being the popular type, (lolz), "i made new friends", with the staff, (not), and i don't think, they will be expecting, to see me again, so soon, but hey ho, that's the way the corporate fuckwit crumbles, they shouldn't be selling, substandard product's, at top whack prices, there was another few shops, selling brand new s6's and s7's for 200 quid, i was pmsl, as they were so obviously fake, and yet they were wanting that much, for a knock off Chinese replica, how can they sleep at night, i wouldn't work in a dishonest industry as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Tavo Under - Another Name (Original Mix)

you know, greed is still greed, no matter how they dress it up, or by calling it, "another name", such as expansion of corporate profit, or wealth accumulation and requisitioning, it's all the same to me as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Calypse - Cricket (Vito Riuti Remix)

what is it, with all these stupid corporations, and local businesses and greed?, does customer satisfaction, mean nothing to them?, they really are doing themselves no favours and are doing themselves, out of repeat business, and that's just not, "cricket", don't you know, (lol), today i had to return 2 items with receipts, one for a phone that i got for my b-day, not only had they totally mi-sold the phone and charged me top whack for the privileged of them giving me a compleatly wrong model phone, it was meant to be a 64 gb 2017 a3 phone, which they assured us it was, only to get it home, and it's a 16 gb phone, with a memory card slot not a 64 gb, so already i returned to the store previously, for them to knock a tenner off the asking price for a sd card, then after leaving the store, with said tenner, i went to buy myself, a new case for it instead, only to be told, it was a model from 2015, as the 2017 model which i paid the price for, had its camera and flash, on compleatly different side from where it was, on the 2015 model, and not worth half as much, as i had paid, the shop didn't even tell me, it wasn't the right phone, when i went in the first time, they just tried, to get away with it, like sly dirt farmers, taking advantage of the tourist's and peep's, who won't stand up against injustice and crap service, or who don't have time to go back in, well they picked the wrong guy, to mess with, they didn't even try, to argue it out, when i confronted them, they agreed, it wasn't the right phone, and swiftly gave me, my cash back, as i had every legal right, to demand the phone, i paid for, and at zero extra cost to me, so from there, i went to another shop, to return an other item, unused, boxed with the receipt, to take it back, under their no hassle guaranteed refund scheme, and they even was um-ing and arr-ing about it like it was coming, out of their pocket, the cashier but i got it eventually, so after that i went to a more reputable establishment, to get a new phone, i got one paid, i slightly more than i wanted, but a mint looking phone nonetheless, except an hour ago, i had it at 100% charge, and haven't touched it, there are no background apps, or wi fi, or Bluetooth running, and the battery has dropped to 88%, so it looks like the battery is stuffed, why can't they, just be honest, instead of trying to milk every single penny, they can for substandard products, seriously if they try, to mess me around tomorrow, there's going to be fuckery, my kind and they arent, going to like it as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tavo Under - Antidote (Original Mix)

what if i told you, that out there somewhere, on this planet there is an, "antidote", to all poisons, that can cure all disease, and stop and reverse, all cellular decay, what would you do?, what would you be prepared to give, to get it?, anything?, everything?, or would you be happy to let it all go, everything you learned and did everything that you know, fear, anger, doubt, you must let them all go, and believe as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Posada - Jupiter Dance (Fly District Remix)

well peep's, isn't it funny?, that since they flew, the bomb cam into Saturn, we havnt had, any hd colour footage, of the final telemetry, of the Cassini probe, no ground breaking new announcements, no nothing, apart from, some really old, sketchy looking grey scale images, that could have been stitched together, on a game-boy, i hate to say, i told you so, but i did, and soon, it will be time to make, "Jupiter dance", if they get their way, they want to get rid of all, the incriminating evidence, but i think they, should sit this next dance out as, standardz, hahahahaha, ;) #edio

Tavo Under - Complications (Original Mix)

i don't like, "complications", just like the track's i don't put them in, any specific order, and yet the universe, (uni), give's me exactly, what i need, and when i need it, there all in their random order, as they came to me, i haven't pre-read the titles, or arranged them, so that my word's flow, or link up better, but it sure does seem to happen, quite a bit as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Bizen Lopez - So Unique (Alternative Mix)

it's one of the thing's, that make me, "so unique", beside's the bass i drop, and the body groovin' beat's as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tennan - Nah Dah (MHR110)

you know, in all the years I've done this, i have made a grand total of, "nah dah", (nothing, zip, nill, nowt, zero), and do you know why, i don't?, it's because, i'm not like them, i don't have, a hidden agenda to promote, no tickets to sell, no merchandise filled spam advert's, no nothing, and you know what?, i like it this way, i'm just in it, for the love of the beat, and the peep's as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tennan - Everday (Detlef Remix) (MHR110)

you know, i got all your, groovin need's covered, "everyday", it's what we do as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Tennan - Malouca (MHR110)

you know, i'm the, "Malouca", (king), of the new drop's as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

La Culture - De La Dub (Original Mix)

you know, i post only the best tracks, "de la dub", (of the dub), it all very, du maintenant, (of the now), it's what we do as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Jaime Soeiro - Some Breaks (Original Mix) [Techaway Records]

you know, life can be harsh and unforgiving, and will beat you, to your knee's, if you let it, so keep on pushing forwards, and climbing higher, and keep on movin' & groovin', until you get, "some breaks", and then it's time, to make some moves, and fix the mistake's  as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Benjamin Vial, Paul Blandford - Etape 50 (Ettica Remix) [Death Proof Rec...

ammmmmmmmmm back mo fo's, for part 2, of our epic journey, into the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass, and it's time to push on, and take the last, "etape 50", (50 steps), to the glory, of the summit as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Acvdo - Derexa (Original Mix) [Puchero Records]

for the peep's, who have been with me, since the beginning, (thank you b.t.w), you will know that i'm always, "Derexa", (right), how many times, have you, seen me write something, only for it, to later to come out, as 100% bang on, you know, i'm nobody's fool as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Gabriel Moraes - Ankora (Jiggler Remix) [Plano B Records]

you know, there are many dangers, facing us as a species, and i have warned you, of a great many of them, from the health damaging kind, from environmental contaminants, to the man made fuckery, of so called smart people, (clearly non-peep's), they don't understand the full effects, and ramifications of their actions, on the entire planet, and all life there in and on, like the higgs field, that they're trying to manipulate, it's very stupid, they fully admit, they don't know, what they are doing, as they are finding thing's, they didn't expect, ergo, (therefore, making more unexpected things, highly possible), that is an admission of them, not knowing as much, as they clearly thought they did, meaning they are literally, risking the lives, of every living being on the planet, every single time, they try to take a step closer, to understanding the gluons, (the exchange particles for the colour force, between quarks analogous to the exchange of photons, in the electromagnetic force, between two charged particles. The gluon can be considered, to be the fundamental exchange particle, underlying the strong interaction, between protons and neutrons, in a nucleus Gluons are force carriers, and is a gauge boson and so is bosonic in nature. So you can think of them, as being made out of Charge, or Energy, (either one of them). They act as a medium, for strong interactions, between Quarks. Quarks are the elementary particles, that make up the protons, neutrons and electrons, quarks and gluons are the building blocks, for larger particles, such as protons and neutrons, which in turn form atoms. However, quarks and gluons, behave very differently than those, larger particles, making them more difficult to study, They've found that an atom, has a nucleus, that a nucleus contains protons, and neutrons, and that those particles in turn, are made of quarks and gluons--particles that bind quarks together. But most physicists, believe quarks to be the smallest building blocks, of matter, it's totally not b.t.w, while ever technology progresses, allowing us to measure more accurately, there will always be, a even smaller scale), they don't fully comprehend, the full interaction states and their effects, so how can they even hope, to tell you, that it's compleatly safe, (they can't, and if they do, they are lying), you know Hawkins, "Ankora", (he smells), the danger in their action's, all it would take, is for a new form of anti matter or even a sentient form of energy, to be created, as thats what they are doing, creating brand new, never before seen particles, with not a though of what to do if it cannot be contained as, standardz, hahahahaha :( #edio

John 00 Fleming - Spirit Awakening (Original Mix)

well peep's, it's the beginning of another, daily ascent, to the top of Mount New Drop, where we have our, "spirit awakening", a real kundalini moment,  we gaze out, at the magnificence of the world, and the realm of creation, the high place as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Neverdogs - Talking Dogs (Original Mix)

ammmmmmmmmm back, mo fo's, with a little pre-flight entertainment, so if you would like, to make your way, to the v.i.p lounge, while i go complete the flight checks, we can get right on it, and who's hybrid animals are these?, attention we have a pair of, "talking dogs", one says his names scooby, and the other one, (a ill tempered, mouthy little pup), that claims to be his nephew, well they're being shipped to quarantine, as they appear, to have a substance misuse problem, they keep saying they'll do anything, for a scoobie snack as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Rhoowax, Lonely - Jino (Original Mix)

you knew, i had to give you, one more, right?, i want to tell you, a secret, I've told you before, but i don't think, you were paying attention, death is not the end, we are, "Jino ", (ever-living, a variant form of Gino (Italian): nickname of Ambrogino, Greek, ever-living), these fleshy constructs, are just vessels a skinvelope, containing a divine energy, we are infinite,we see the whole of infinity, from all angles and perspective, all actions and reactions, have been taken and avoided, we take all roads, some go left, while some go right, but ultimately, they all lead to the same place, we are infinite beings of pure energy, it's just that we get that infinite amount, in finite portions, but still infinite nonetheless, and now it's time, for me to go, up and out, to the place, where the dreams are made, and with that, I AM  out as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio
end transmission :) peace

Rudosa - Behind The Lens (Original Mix)

well peep's, it's just about that time, when i go, on my own solo journey, and step out from, "behind the lens", like the wizard behind the curtain, and go off and float, on  the matter stream of light, and follow the flow, of all energy back to the source, the singularity and the nexus, everything has it's polar opposite, it's just how this reality works, like a vortex and its anti vortex, or a bubble and a anti-bubble, matter anti-matter, you can't have one, without the other as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Za__Paradigma - Bird Of Paradise (Original Mix)

you know, while some act like a, "bird of paradise", (a tropical Australasian bird, the male of which is noted for the beauty and brilliance of its plumage and its spectacular courtship display), and have to put on a display, or a false pretence, to win people over, i let my actions speak for me as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio