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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bulaklak - Black Cracks (Original Mix) [Natura Viva]

when you feel, like blasting the beats out of the, "black cracks", (records), and you have, a million things to do as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

DJ Wady, Dvit Bousa - Dejala Llorar (Original Mix) [Vamos Music]

you know, i wont ever, "Dejala Llorar", (Let her cry), when i could easily, make her smile as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Mattia Scolaro - Just Hit (Bohemien & Raf Parola Remix) [Antura Records]

ammmmm back mo fo's, for another, epic journey, in the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass!!, and today has been, fuckery filled for me so let's, "just hit", the beats 'cos i'm ready, so sit back, plug in, turn up, do whatever it is, you have to do!!, to enjoy the music!, that much more!, Control this is, flight 420 requesting, go no/go!, on primary?, this is control, permission to get l.a.f, and go for, full blaze!!, you better, strap yourself in, quick time!, because we, have a launch in progress, in t - minus 10 seconds and counting down, hope your ready!,........ 5.......4.......3.......2.......1.......0 power to all drive's, crank up the phonic reactor, engage harmonic reinforcement, increase the warp bubble, charge barium crystal capacitor's, activate inertial dampening field, navigation on-line, and retract the umbilical, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, and we, are away as, standardz, hahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Marco Corcella - Aspect (Original Mix) [Aula Records]

when they say, the room is neutrally decorated throughout, (empty), with a unrestricted, "aspect", (a window), would suit professional, (no dss scum), no pets, and children to be discussed, (like were all vermin), and asking for nearly £1400, for an empty room, good luck renting that out, who's your target market?, a rich but stupid, nob head like themselves as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Vidaloca - Push It (Caleb Calloway Remix)

i guess, i will just have to, "push it", and keep on pushing 'till i get a result, i have no option as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Coyu, Thomas Gandey - 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)

it should be as simple as, "1+1", i have a bond and rent, all i need is the place, surely this can't be right?, its defiantly discrimination, no where for the poor peep's, lets just put them out of the way in a corner, so the richer people, don't have to look at them, (not),  i wouldn't mind, but they don't even know what rich is, they think because they have a car and mortgage,  that they are better than others, when tbf i have zero debt, unlike most people and everything i own is mine, and i don't treat people like dirt dependant on if they have money or not as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Hector Couto - Reloaded (Original Mix) [Roush Label]

 i just want it, to be over and sorted, instead of being, "reloaded", like some weird version, of a matrix Vs groundhog day movie crossover as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Little Large - Dabruka (Original Mix) [NastyFunk Records]

when all you need is a break, "Dabruka", (come on), what is wrong with the non-peep's, and landlords, i have more than enough, to pay a bond and rent in advance, but still they wont take me cos i'm on benefits, ffs smh, not everyone on benefits sits around drinking, and smashing things up, despite what they have seen on benefits Britain, (a program designed specifically, to cause a social wedge to be driven between those on benefits and those not, by showing you the worst examples of people on benefits), the stupidest thing about it is, that just because someone is working it doesn't make them a saint or any more honest, or more likely to pay a bill, and with benefits your guaranteed to get paid, and most of these landlords would receive more,  than their current asking prices as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

Delpezzo - Hold Tight (Original Mix) [NastyFunk Records]

well peep's, things are about to get a little sketchy so, "hold tight", i had hoped to have had this issue resolved, by yesterday, but i should have known, nothing is ever easy as, standardz, hahahahahahahaha, :) #edio

Groove Salvation - Feelings (Original Mix) [Sousa-Label]

ammmmmmmmmm back, mo fo's, with a little pre-flight entertainment, so if you would like, to make your way, to the v.i.p lounge, then i can go complete the flight checks, now it's time to stir up those, "feelings",of musical freedom, and aim for the summit as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio