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Friday, 7 July 2017

Marcellus Wallace, Ross Roberts - I Go (Original Mix) [HIPPIES]

you knew, i had to give you, one more, right?, and now, "i go", up and out, to the place, where the dreams are made, second star, to the right, and straight on, 'till morning, and with that, i am out as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Astrea - Calisu

well peep's, it's just about that time, when i go, on my own solo journey, and don't worry, we will, "Calisu", (start), again at the normal time, so i hope you enjoyed all the track's as much as me, and normal service, shall resume tomorrow as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Mediahora - Plaf (Gianni Cuomo Remix)

well peep's, i don't know about you, but i'm defo ready to, "plaf", (plop), into unconsciousness, or a comfortable chocolate induced coma, whichever comes first as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

TECH-HOUSE: Sante & Toni Varga - In Time (Sidney Charles Remix) [Elrow]

you know, everything i have told you, is the truth, and so far all has come to pass, and if you haven't, been keeping up, go back over my posts, then look at the things i write, and then look in the media, usually not long after, i get proven right, it would seem, i can't get it wrong, hence i'm trying my best, not go, all doom and gloom, but wow, some people just make me think, can they even change?, will they realise, "in time", i would normally say, we can only hope, but we can do so much more to effect change on a larger scale then you think, what happens here, has far reaching effects around the globe, some economic, some social, but they the media handlers, are trying their best not to let us out of their control, to keep us downtrodden, and oppressed and just to keep our mouths shut and be thankful, for the opportunity, to say nothing and take their crap, as they take our money, our homes, our families, and our lives, and everything we hold dear, we need to make a change, and we need to make it happen soon as, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio

David Penn Freak You Dub Mix

you know, i came to, "freak you", and make you groove, to the beat as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Joseph Mancino - Resonance (Original Mix) [Bontek Music]

did you know?, that every thing in reality, is a form of vibrating energy, and all thing's, have their own unique, "resonance", (the reinforcement or prolongation of sound, by reflection from a surface, or by the synchronous vibration, of a neighbouring object. via harmonic reinforcement),, it's stands to reason, that if you cold find the resonant frequency of cancer cells, we could cure cancer with sound it is as simple as it sounds, don't let them tell you it's impossible, it most certainly isn't, check this out, both are well worth the time to view, and learn from as, standardz, hahahahahha, :) #edio (,

Jack Durante, Julian Budvin - Smarter (Enrico Bellan Remix)

one thing me and yogi bear, have in common, we're both smarter, than the average picnic basket as, srandardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Sonic Future - Chivalry (Swyft Remix) [Tulipa Recordings]

you know, "chivalry", isn't dead, you just haven't been looking, hard enough, I've been here, the whole time as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Riva Starr, Zanillya - Pull Up (Original Mix) [Brock Wild]

to the thirty something guy, who was walking around, with his jeans hanging of his ass, right down behind the knees, with his crusty's pants hanging out, just Naaaaaa, you need to fix up and, "pull up", them jeans, you look like, a bloodclart as, standardz, hahahahaha, :) #edio

Waitz - Behind (Original Mix) [Simma Black]

ammmmm back mo fo's, for another, epic journey, in the unknown realms, of rhythm and bass!!, and seeing as we are, "behind", well get right to business, so sit back, plug in, turn up, do whatever it is, you have to do!!, to enjoy the music!, that much more!, Control this is, flight 420 requesting, go no/go!, on primary?, this is control, permission to get l.a.f, and go for, full blaze!!, you better, strap yourself in, quick time!, because we, have a launch in progress, in t - minus 10 seconds and counting down, hope your ready!,........ 5.......4.......3.......2.......1.......0 power to all drive's, crank up the phonic reactor, engage harmonic reinforcement, increase the warp bubble, charge barium crystal capacitor's, activate inertial dampening field, navigation on-line, and retract the umbilical, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, and we, are away!, standardz, hahahahahaha, :) #edio